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Storage and lag

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4 hours ago, mathmanican said:

Vacuum on mesh or airflow is just as good and a little more portable, but yeah, anything to prevent heat transfer.

Position it to prevent heat transfer calculations... I didn't even think of that. Very good thought. I'll have to think about this storage system. I've dreamed up an automated sweeper storage/sorter system in the past, and this might be a good excuse to implement it.

So some blocks don't have heat transfer? Is there a good guide to describe what blocks transfer heat, and how? It's not related to this question, but i've had some ongoing confusion about how heat transfer works outside the "gas/liquid in contact with something" situation.

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1 hour ago, SamuraiJones said:

So some blocks don't have heat transfer?

It's just airflow and mesh that behave differently from the other tiles. Those two are considered debris, and the tile interaction on them is just the contents: water, vacuum, oxygen, etc. They will transfer heat to the tile they reside in and one tile below, just like all debris. They will not transfer to buildings or other debris, just like all debris. Therefore, one method of perfect insulation is a mesh tile in vacuum.

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