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  1. This might be a silly question, but what speed are you running at? i find decreasing speed sometimes gets things done faster since they stand around less. Other than that, idk. Do some of the lag reduction tricks, keep fewer jobs in the queue... that's all I got. I'd love to see more optimization or more cores used to combat this issue.
  2. Still one of my favorite thing to do with dupes. *sigh*
  3. Most of us have ladders going up and down from our main base to the places the dupes work. Make the ladder's conduit a park. It can stretch all the way down through your base, so even cooks and farmers can hit it as they're running around.
  4. Suicidal Slicksters

    I've seen alot of slicksters stuck in oil, but I'm not sure how much of that has been recently. I have seen situations where a slickster is in a small pocket of oil with rock above him, acting like he's drowning... then when you dig him out he just stays there. Or else slicksters that don't come up as the oil level in a pool rises. Both of those might look like what you're describing. But again... I don't know that I've seen any of that recently. Is it possible they're freezing? Alot of us are playing on Rime, and that's too cold for slicksters. They'll act like nothing's wrong, but then they'll just *poof* dead.
  5. Since When!?

    Always has, I believe.
  6. One tile slickster pen

    Has anyone ever compared how much fps increase there is by reducing a critter's pathing? Logically, one would expect that a slickster with no room to move takes less processing time than one with a big area, but are we sure that's the case? I had like 80 wild slicksters on my last base, and it was pretty slow so I got to the tear and abandoned the file. No idea how much lag was from slicksters and how much was from other stuff though, nor if time would be saved by moving them into a pen like that. Side note: Dupes for the Ethical Treatment of Critters (DETC) is furious about your slicksters living conditions.
  7. I don't find critters to take that much maintenance anymore. I don't know when it changed, but originally a critter had to be groomed once a day, but now husbandry decreases how often they need grooming. I don't have my game open atm, but I believe my animals only have to get groomed once every 3 cycles. I've got 3 ranchers that are easily keeping up with around 50 critters, and have time to cook besides.
  8. Too late... our universe is slowly being overrun by evil meeps.
  9. just asking?

    May your computer forgive you for the computational load it will soon be enduring.
  10. That's alot of words... I didn't read the long version. But I think the real reason people are talking so much about it is just because it's the newest content, and the production chain is complex enough to keep people interested. I think there are a few differences from your approach to what others are doing. I think most people are using lumber from wild arbor trees (and maybe exploiting pip-planting to get lots of them). Once you do that, the system has no cost to run other than the power input (and as you said, it generates a small but positive net power). Also, I think alot of people consider the byproducts an asset rather than a liability. Polluted dirt and water are easy to turn into clean dirt and water, which gives food and oxygen (or food for sage hatches or whatever). I do agree it requires a fair bit of infrastructure and dupe time though, especially if you're manually hauling lumber any distance. But with a no-cost system that generates power, water and dirt, then you can offset it by having more dupes, using the byproducts to feed/oxygenate them. If you can spare the processor power. I personally don't produce alot of ethanol for power, simply because the gain is so small for the required effort. I've got a setup more for disposing of lumber (which is a byproduct of my pip farm) than for providing for the base. But in a tight spot, it might be a stopgap for a longer term solution.
  11. just asking?

    I wouldn't say it's my all time favorite game, but it's definitely top 1%. It probably my all time high in terms of how many hours i've put into it.
  12. I believe they only show up in tree biomes. So alot of asteroids may not have any. I don't think it's fixed. I've usually had around 20 when i've had them. The printer will offer them sometimes. You can probably bring them back from other asteroids in rockets.
  13. lag low fps

    There are lots of tricks to increase framerate. You might investigate some of those. But that is a fairly low end setup (no judgement here, I just replaced my nexus 5 last week). But the lag only gets worse as the base grows. And most bases never stop growing. Lag is the entropy of the oni universe. Lag always increases. Universes like ours inevitably end in heat-death. Theirs inevitably end in framerate-decay.
  14. Oil is my preferred coolant for the refinery. I'll typically draw it up from a big pool in the oil biome in a pipe, so it comes in around 90C. Then I'll dump the hot coolant back in the oil pool, far away from the pump. It'll start heating the pool from that side, but there's alot of thermal capacity, and frame rate drop has usually killed the colony before the heat becomes an issue. Although, this latest game i've hooked my coolant up to a steam turbine cooling, and I don't think I'll ever do it any other way again. Less plumbing, no waste heat, and extra power. Plus it's nice having a heat dump in the middle of the base, cuz you've always got plenty of waste heat there. Also, you can do it without automation -- I've got a liquid storage and some bridges, and while i suppose it's possible that the system could overheat, reailstically i've never had a problem -- I keep infinite orders for smelting steel and tungsten, and most of the time the turbine isn't even spinning. (I've got a aquatuner to cool the turbine, but it never runs. A few wheezeworts and you can probably ignore that. You'll notice my oil "water-lock" has frozen and my wheezeworts are hibernating cuz they're too cold)
  15. I hit it on my last save. It was alot like getting the "colonize asteroid" ending -- there was a cutscene and then it lets you keep playing. That was when it was 200km out, so it sounds like it was tweaked a little. I can't remember exactly what happened... I think you get the cutscene as soon as you launch the rocket -- then you can reload an autosave from just before the rocket launches. Or maybe the rocket just comes back after the visit. Sorry, I don't remember the details, but I didn't lose my rocket or astronaut.