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  1. Alot of stuff in the report doesn't seem to work. I just realized that making omelets don't show up on the food tracker. I'm up to 900,000 kcals in my base, but if you look at the report it shows a net of like -12,000 every day for hundreds of cycles. I only see food getting "added" when a critter dies. Maybe it's not counting the increase when you cook foods, cuz raw eggs are 0 kcals in the manual? idk. In this pic you can see travaldo cooking omelets. He's made several this cycle (including cracking a few eggs too), but you can see 0 cals generated.
  2. Also ran into this. Watching for updates. A forum post concerning this topic:
  3. See pic: Shove voles are eating loose regolith pieces, expelling regolith tiles, and then my auto-digger zaps em back into loose regolith. The problem is that voles will burrow into the newly minted regolith tile as soon as they create em, and then they'll be burrowed inside when the digger digs the tile out. Then the voles get stuck in the "burrowed" state even though there's nothing for them to be burrowed into, and they don't seem to move or come out ever. They're just stuck in that weird state. Upon saving/reloading they appear unburrowed, but as soon as the game starts running, they return to their weird burrowed state. I haven't seen anything that pulls em out of this state, but I haven't messed with it much. They've been stuck there so long they're starving (with food available), so regular feeding/grooming doesn't seem to do it. In the screenshot, you can see that I clicked on the "vole" and it highlighted the cracks that normally go on top of "buried object" tiles, even though the regolith tile is gone and it's just vacuum behind it. If I click on the critter relocator building, it still shows "2 voles present" -- you can see there's one vole in the corner that I clicked, and one at the base of the incubator, but they're both stuck in that weird burrowed state, so you they look like buried object cracks rather than voles. (saved game attached) Anyway, it's two days in early access, so I'm guessing you'll see on the far side of the release, so CONGRATS!!! The Sneezing Ladies.sav
  4. I'm not sure if you get updates when I edit the original issue, but you might double check the problem. I got an update early tonight that appears to have fixed it.
  5. I think the first line of my description may be unclear. When I said " savegames immediately crash to desktop" I meant "existing saves crash immediately when the game is unpaused after reloading. Crash takes us to desktop, without the error log screen appearing."
  6. Edit: Appears fixed!!! New update came out this evening, and appears to have fixed the problem (both the new base and preexisting base).I can't speak for the gent who commented, but appears good for me. Thanks guys! *original info below* After picking up the July 4th update, savegames immediately crash to desktop. I think I've seen some tiny updates this evening, but i'm still seeing the crashes. I had an existing base that would crash the moment it was unpaused after a load. It was about 600 cycles in and had lots of stuff built, so no idea what causes it. When it crashed it would freeze up for a moment then cut back to the desktop. i created a new base this evening, and it keeps crashing on day 17. It freezes up and does not respond, eventually requiring killing the task in windows. I'll attach the save file for the latest one. There is no " output_log.txt" file in the directory described. (windows 7, 16gb ram, AMD phenom II X6 1055T processor, NVidia GTX 960, not a ton of free harddrive space atm if that matters) The Sneezing Ladies.sav
  7. I personally like this change. I'm an engineer, so I sometimes use thermodynamics to champion my cause... but at the end of the day heat seemed to be a malfunctioning game mechanic (I'm not complaining that the dupes inhale 100g/s while exhaling 2g/s, or don't change mass while eating/excreting). A low tech solution that was so much more powerful than even late game tools kinda breaks that whole system. But yes... I agree people will probably freak out and search for easy seeds because there's a new way for the game to kill us, and it will certainly make teh game harder. Idk maybe there should be a "heating" difficulty that can be tweaked. I love the change though. (although I am kinda confused why it'd heat stuff to a set temp. Pushing fluid through a filter would take power and create heat, but I think that'd best be expressed as a high DTU generation. Seems like it might make teh cold asteroid easier but... I think this closes most of the uses of this exploit) Side note... I love that this change is announced, but I don't think it's working on the update I just pulled. Look at the pics later in this thread: