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Gentlemen, behold!

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Just now, xialeth said:

... is there a free-floating eye in there?

Nah, it's orbiting, around Gossmann.

At this point I'd rather not mention a novel I recently read, about, or rather stopped reading because of, very creepy eyeballs (and not few of them) that... nope, not gonna elaborate, sorry, I already will most likely have nightmares today and I'll take very chance I get to decrease that chance. 

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On 8/4/2019 at 12:35 PM, YouKnowWho said:

Er, Dr.Weird.... Are you, uh, sure releasing something like this on the world is such a good idea?

Of course it isn't Steve! Its an ABERRATION!!! Thats why... we're going to launch it INTO OUTER SPACE! Muahahahahah! FIRE!!!

[Burb explodes and sends viscera flying everywhere]


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