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  1. This sounds like something that should be posted in the bug section, have you done so already?
  2. iirc when they initially rolled out the "tiles and ladders can replace each other" change, it was possible to replace tiles by ladders, but there was an issue where you could not build ladders over dry-wall. Trying to do so deconstructed the dry-wall (leading to obvious serious issues in space), so I'm assuming that plays at least a part in the changed behaviour...
  3. You've probably found an answer to your question already, but yes, this means your seed hasn't been uploaded yet! You can install the mod, regenerate the seed (i.e. start a new game with the seed), upload it and then check. Only seeds someone somewhere has generated (and that wasn't removed due to fixes/changes to worldgen) will be findable, so if you want info on a seed that's not uploaded yet, uploading it yourself fixes that quite nicely!
  4. Does this mean the gold appears deus ex machina? xD
  5. Try to figure out and compile all the unforeseen consequences these bugfixes have (and how to exploit them)?
  6. Nice Edit: And after all the speculation about the emojis last patch, does the `;)` here mean that you are sure you've fixed it with less side-effects than the last duplication bug? Or that you're just waiting for us to over-analyze the use of emojis? (or that the bug was much easier to squash than the gaseous duplication bug?) Man, I'm so disappointed I won't be here for launch (will be somewhere without any internet for a week :'( )