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  1. This is true, Discord is pretty fast at answering, but I feel like the fact it's so busy is also its downside -- I often check in briefly and can't make heads or tails of the current discussion because it's way more in-depth and started hundreds of messages earlier, sometimes even days, and there's not easy way to get up to speed. Which means that many (advanced) concepts and discussions I'd find interesting are way off limits for me anyway...
  2. Max was so terrified of having gotten a random urge to move somewhere else, it paralyzed him! (did you manage to get him to move again?)
  3. Jumbo X smart kJ waste

    What do the letters stand for? I've been wondering for ages ..."Direct Temperature Unit"?
  4. I also use wheezeworts to cool my drecko ranch (keep the mealwood at a growable temp). I think they're super nice if you're not able to just easily set up a steam turbine, which I'm still struggling with -- I can get to mid-game reliably, but am not that proficient at just building the more complicated mid-game builds on the spot, so the wheezewort means I don't have to worry about rushing to a steam turbine set-up and can just progress at my own pace, which I much appreciate. So I'd say: they have a definite niche, even though for more experienced players they might not matter so much
  5. Huge RAM issue

    Ah, then I hadn't quite gotten your point the first time ^^' sorry for that. Any tips on what OP can do to save their save file?
  6. Huge RAM issue

    Otoh, the save file itself seems to be fine -- that's what I ran for 40 cycles without a single crash. So I have no clue what's going on, but I doubt it's RAM, unless something on OP's end is going totally haywire (as the save file is perfectly fine on my machine with 8GB of RAM, which the OP also seems to have)
  7. Huge RAM issue

    OP notes that their save crashes upon morning saving, though, not during activities. Or is it something like wrangling shove voles during morning save? I have noticed a slight increase in RAM used (~100MB) when it morning saves, but the game is running quite fine at 3.2-3.5GB mem usage (for the past 30 cycles, though I haven't been interacting much with it, and so far haven't gotten one of my ranchers to wrangle a shove vole wrangled a shove vole just fine)
  8. Huge RAM issue

    I just downloaded your save and started it up on my computer (Win10, Intel i5-4570S @2.90GHz, 8GB Ram), and so far it's run fine for five cycles. It climbed precariously high wrt RAM usage, to around 5GB (and I closed down firefox to make sure it didn't run out), only to go back down to 3.6GB at cycle four. I have no clue what happened there. Saves take about 8 seconds, but so far, I haven't had any crashes. (it actually runs pretty nicely at 23FPS) I'm gonna keep running it in the background, though it appears to leave enough memory free to actually do some work ^^ Mem usage at cycle 937 in spoiler -- the save started at 930. After letting the game run for a total of 20 cycles, I've managed to break one of the steam turbines and had two dupes suffocate, but the game still runs nicely:
  9. I'm seconding Steam guides, especially this one has helped me loads: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1359110726 I'm really bad at "just doing" and that guide helped me understand things, plus the next one was also super helpful. Gets me to midgame, reliably. I also found that editing your save game with duplicity (https://robophred.github.io/oni-duplicity/#/) can help in getting the right conditions to enjoy a save while learning new things. I.e. started with a super hot geyser or even vent next to your base but don't wanna give up for now? Change it to a cool slush geyser until you know how to stabilize your base and how to manage heat. Some may consider it cheating, but I've found it really lets me approach challenges at my own speed, which I appreciate.
  10. This is a super neat resource, thank you for posting it! I've been wondering though -- why not call it ONIversity? (such a beautiful pun ^^')
  11. it feels like the map moves very briefly during the autosave. The current thought I'm entertaining is that it might be related to the screenshot that's being made/saved in that moment? But I'm not sure at all and also am not very deep in the code so I'm just taking shots into the dark
  12. I find that hitting the right button to cancel my action as soon as it freezes prevents stuff from being dragged all over the map. A lot of my sensitive building happens in pause mode anyway cos I wanna take my time, but the right button has not failed me so far
  13. This sounds like something that should be posted in the bug section, have you done so already?
  14. iirc when they initially rolled out the "tiles and ladders can replace each other" change, it was possible to replace tiles by ladders, but there was an issue where you could not build ladders over dry-wall. Trying to do so deconstructed the dry-wall (leading to obvious serious issues in space), so I'm assuming that plays at least a part in the changed behaviour...
  15. You've probably found an answer to your question already, but yes, this means your seed hasn't been uploaded yet! You can install the mod, regenerate the seed (i.e. start a new game with the seed), upload it and then check. Only seeds someone somewhere has generated (and that wasn't removed due to fixes/changes to worldgen) will be findable, so if you want info on a seed that's not uploaded yet, uploading it yourself fixes that quite nicely!