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Requesting Multiplayer - Your input is welcome !

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Your community feedback welcome !


Dear Klei,

I know its a daft request...But Multiplayer would add so much to this game. Even if its a DLC and if we have to wait for 1-3 years.

In Factorio the community also waited very long for it.

What I think is important for ONI Multiplayer:

> If 2 players play together on a map, 1 of the players should be able to build alone...The next time the 2nd player loads the synced save game, the 2nd player could also continue working on the map alone. As player1 then loads and continue the session he gets get the updated sync savegame to play with.

This ensures that both players do not have to be available at the same time and can continue the multiplayer fun asynchronous, next to playing together on a map at the same time.

> On initial multiplayer game setup the participating map players can decide if they want to make the debug tool available or not. This should be a one time function which can not be reverted after the multiplayer map play has started for the first time. As alternative idea one of the initial players is "The Host"...and only the host can activate the debug mode for all participating players for the map.

> Player1 can only destroy what Player1 has built, allowance rights management ( building, destruction etc. ) could be added later

> Perhaps it's a good idea that the initial starters of the map are the "Masters". Only "Masters" can invite more or other people to play on the same map and only the "Masters" can give other players the "Master" role too.


How multiplayer would actually work gameplay-wise, I guess multiplayer interested players have lots of ideas on that.

It's just a few nuggets from me, feel free to add more nuggets...So we all can have a nosh.

Happy ONI everyone !

image.png.8c26366df344ca953b109080c286c340.png Multiplayer in the home garage, in style and in natural habitat


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Only thing I'd be interested in personally is a versus system.
Map size either doubles or increases by 1/3rd of current, rest is pretty much like an RTS game, equip dupes with various different guns, design clever traps and defense systems with the items supplied by the game already.

Goal of course being to destroy something in the opposing player's base, when you find it.

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I'm interested in versus as well. The goal is obviously to destroy the opponent's Duplicator so they can't keep Duping. 

Duplicants could use use the attack command like they have now against critters and I would be happy to wait for further development. Traps would awesome!

1-8 to a map, hosted peer to peer like old warcraft days. 

If dupe heuristics get better, expand the map. 


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Oh my versus mode. I can see buidling dupe traps where they fall into pools of hot water when trying to acces my base. We`d need special walls that take super long to build and deconstruct and require lvl 3 architects so you can keep buidling walls while the other guy keeps destroying them.

This would be such a mess. I`d like to see it, but not play it for too long lol.

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Oh, that's interesting! I didn't know that players are looking for a versus mode.

I guess the big effort with this game would be to get the game synchronized between computers, especially if there is a bad internet connection and/or the PC`s are slow.

So dupes should have a set of colors, let's say blue vs red as an example? Cutting each other's resources off?

I guess if the game had working flammables, dupe traps and placable explosives and possible (gas? dynamite? etc. ) explosions it would get fun like in Worms, Lemmings, Spy vs Spy or Bugs Bunny haha :)

Klei could make it in a way that Dupes do not die, they just lay on the floor like in cartoons and need to be taken by a doctor to the medical bed, to fix them up again.



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11 hours ago, babba said:

Further multiplayer feedback from users would be nice :)

What are your dreams and wishes for a possible multiplayer game mode ?

Shoot enemy dupes with sporechild spores coated bullets limbs off!
Build wheelchairs together, made out of plastic and gold.
Dupes with one leg off - athletics -75% - needs one helping dupe to move.
Two legs off - wheelchair movespeed +2 but no vertical movement - without wheelchhair -300% Athletics and morale -1.
Moving with wheelchair Athletics + 5 and increased strength over time by the factor 7,3.
One hand off reduces workspeed by 50% based if dupe is left or right handed.


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