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  1. I designed this metal drecco but im not quite sure about the head, the legs need to be changed too. the scales need more shine, the tail too
  2. I re did the colors for the glass drecco, i think this suit it better is the new beak fine?
  3. Hello, i have been sick and busy, working on this: I hope to work on another drecco in august and another in september, which would be the release of it in a morphs mod. Thanks for your patience.
  4. The next mod will be drecko, ill do it in my free time, for now i have the glass drecko, would eat the salt plant and produce glass, another metal one that would produce lead on its scales. Another one idea is welcome. Thanks for reading.
  5. Pips mod released :3
  6. Hello, im gonna work the next 2 weeks on doing the icy pip so i can release the mod with 3 varients. Ideas for the element that it should produce as welcome
  7. I finish the art for the adult aqua oil floater for the mod I Love Slicksters - Morphs ! Is meant to look like this: But the things on the back are yet to be animated by the creator of the mod.
  8. Thanks for the ideas. Im sketching another pip. Another done.
  9. Baby and adult in game. A question my friends, should i release it now and add the rest of pips as the time go on and hold to finish all the pips then release it?
  10. Ideas gathering: Autumn Pip: diet: mealwood, dusk cap poop: clay Spring Pip: diet: Blossom poop: ? Winter Pip: diet: wheat and nosh poop: ? Summer Pip: diet: Pepper, balm lily poop: ?