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  1. Pretty instesting, but i have to think about it, cause sources of heat already exist, like volcanos, i suppose the difference would be, on demand.
  2. It is not submersible. Why? It doesnt make sense.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. At the moment im not doing plants. Maybe in the future. Thanks for the slugs ideas, ill have them in mind when ill do a morphs mod. About the drecko, another concept that was given was a drecko that grows ceramic to sheer. When i do this I'll have to choose a concept, design and cycle of production. Hatch, i'd a prehistoric hatch in the future, now with your idea, i dont get the usefulness of said cycle of production.
  4. lol we'll see when they are released, btw only dlc at first since the code has change and is not unified.
  5. well it is, it just wants some ranchers attention and sour gas to eat!
  6. Poll is up for voting!
  7. Adult pieces done, what name it should have?
  8. All my mods have been updated to the dlc, for the none dlc the previous version is used in the archive system, ill uses that until both, dlc and non dlc use the same methods and are compatible. Now ill resume my work on the devil puft, thanks for you patience.
  9. Update for the hatches mod has been released, it is meant to make it compatible with the dlc, please let me know if it works