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  1. I would need to think about it, since doing the statemachine could be a nightmare, also ihave been wanting to do an array of pips for a time, i have the icy pip concept, the idea of a cherry pip with pink color, and this sound good but i have to check if i can make it.
  2. salt water and brine, at least i hope so, and **** tone of decor since is meant to be pretty as heck. At least i hope, my friend will program it.
  3. Code is beta pacu, it will be a desalinator fish
  4. I worked on a collab about pacus, and my part is done, here check the art.
  5. The mod is out!!!! please check it out, thanks!
  6. Bad news guys, the code is almost done and art is ready but the base puft has problems when is pack with the kparser. Someone is looking into it but is not garantee. I can remove the breathing fx that causes this problem but it will look worse. Also i added to mechanics, cloudy zaps heats while smoggy overheats, both do that to their products. Smoogy puft judging you
  7. Please give me input for the cooling so it doesnt win over the steam turbine! Also check the final art.
  8. yeah thats a posibility but im worry about the excesive heat destruction. Aslo, cloudy= dropping liquid sounded nice xd
  9. yeah lol Ill be checking the range in which cloudly should live. It should not overpower steamsturbine. So for Cloudy should live between 0°C to -300°C with confortable -150°C to -250°C. It will pump the liquid hydrogen at a 75% conversation rate. From gas to liquid. *Hydrogen goes liquid at -252.15 °C. Any input is welcome cause i wanna balance this before i release it on the weekend, steam problematic updating. Thanks.
  10. Tonight Ill release the final hatch for the hatch morph mod. Im so excited for the primitive biome mod but first i must do the pufts mod. CO2 puft needs a name, suggestions are wellcome: Heavy puft?
  11. After thinking about ill skip the pip cause another modder will do 4 pips and the pokeshell cause it doesnt have morphs and it might have. So the next critter will be wooden hatch, finishing the hatch morphs then pufts, cloudy and ??? CO2 puft needs a name, then primivite biome.
  12. ño, he will poop coal/carbon @minespatch what do u think of the design? im not sure if should add it.
  13. I draw this, the idea is a puft which eats CO2 and has braids but the result is not that good.