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  1. Jokes on me, klei released an update, I finished the art, Im gonna do the programming this week, next weekend you can expect the release.
  2. cause i rather avoid the base critter production, btw i have been working on the lore of my game and waiting for a mayor release of an update on oni to finish the current worked on critter mods.
  3. i think its the better option, polluted dirt, do u think?
  4. well its a more viable option since its a starter building that is replaced latter on
  5. i cant take out a base puft :S so lets go back to polluted dirt then
  6. the concept for mechanics for now would be like this: Mossy drecko: diet: water weed production: slime/polluted dirt ? sheerable? is that a word? pls send help: algae condition for material to grow: carbon dioxide Frosty drecko: diet: nosh bean/sleat wheat production: gelatine? could be another material that serves as a base for lasting food sheerable: snow condition for material to grown: oxygen
  7. wow you read my mind, i have been thinking about it, i think the product would be snow and gelatine, and gelatine could be use to craft long lasting food
  8. idk, i usually use the number by default, comparing to the default drecko, should it be faster or slower the production? i aim for balance, nice profile pic btw
  9. idk, i havent tame the rad stuff, still trying to get to the planet, so not quite sure
  10. an update about using it to improve plants has been released, i wanna have my hands on that part too
  11. Naa, just enjoy the game and the mods, im taking a pause so i can learn and use the features from the dlc like landing and conquering planets and learning radiation.
  12. All my mods are updated and should work, if any bug shows please let me know to fix it.