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Just to avoid having to deconstruct and reconstruct to them art making the srt again. Just have a button where the dupe can switch his art. An use for this for example i like a lot to decorate my bases example in my showers i want a big mermaid statue and 2 morb statues on each side of it! So some times i need to keep remaking the big statue to have the mermaids build :).

The morbs i could build in first attempt " lucky or there are only morbs as low tier metal block art?" 

Also i already suggested this but adding more art specially gothic art would be amazing!

Nice work always cya ppl :).

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A good way could be to have a list, just like the pedestal choice.

The first choice in the list (and the only one first time we build a specific furniture) will be "random".

From then, each time the random choice give a new art, it will be added to the list so that we can force the duplicants to paint/sculpt what we want.



And with this system, it could also work for special arts discovered in ancien rooms. ;)



Same as @natanstarke, when I build private bedrooms, I like to put a marble statue and a small painting. But in each bedrooms aside, I prefer to have another arrangement than the one in the first room. Currently, it's impossible without build/destroy each one until I get something interesting. :-/

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