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  1. Add me to the list of people who think the light changes are great. Lights as room requirements were a fairly pointless hassle that also added a lot of bugs because of how a room could suddenly be not that room anymore in a power outage. Lights with a 15% bonus to operate machines, though, suddenly are a really nice upgrade that will give incentives for using them in all sorts of ways they never were before. For example, there's no "kitchen" room but now a light can make grilling faster? Sign me up. Similarly, now there's a reason to use lights around metal refineries, granulators, looms, etc. This is a really good change, making lights matter without making them a source of frustration.
  2. With the addition of required active light sources to rooms, there appear to be problems wherein the game doesn't know whether a room really is a room (and doesn't even necessarily agree with itself). A specific example, if you have a latrine and add a light on a switch (turning it into a washroom), turning the light on and then off leaves the "room-ness" of the room in an uncertain state -- the rooms overlay still says the room is a washroom, but also reports the lack of light as a problem, leaving it unclear to the player whether they're getting the bonus for the washroom or not.
  3. The problem I see here is, this is affecting rooms that I don't honestly see as "advanced". If this was only an issue for the rooms that can actually devolve to a lesser version of a room without a light, I'd be less annoyed (e.g. a Washroom without a powered light is still a Latrine; a Great Hall without a powered light is still a Mess Hall). Unfortunately, Klei went pretty broad when they added light requirements to rooms, so you have e.g:. a Stable that becomes, without a powered light, nothing; a Massage Clinic that becomes, without a powered light: nothing. If the active light requirement were limited to only the true "advanced" rooms it'd be less of an issue, but that's not where it is right now. Being honest though, even then I wouldn't particularly like it, because it makes "room-ness" a thing that no longer is handled by you choosing to build the right pieces, but instead also requires constant maintenance since a part of the "room-ness" can go away in something as simple as a power outage. This seems like an unnecessary level of complexity that's going to trip a lot of people up while adding little to nothing positive to the game experience.
  4. I have to say, not a big fan of the changes for lights. I think having a positive incentive to use lights is great. I think having lights be a requirement for room definition is not. For one thing, as is already being reported, it's a vector for hard-to-diagnose bugs (light went out and now the room isn't a room anymore, or oh no the light was off when the duplicant started eating so they get no morale bonus but it's really not obvious that happened, etc). For another, there's a bunch of rooms where light requirements were added that are going to be really annoying to manage unless you're willing to just run a light 24/7 and accept both the energy cost and the heat buildup (e.g. massage clinic requiring a light -- can't easily use a timed schedule it like you could for a great hall, unclear if you could use a motion sensor since, does "getting a massage" count as being in motion?) The tl;dr: positive incentives for bothering with lighting good, complicating room definition requirements with "active" lighting bad..
  5. With the latest update (including the pipe re-work), I'm seeing a situation where it seems like gas packets in a pipe are being overwritten by new packets (pushed in via a pump). See attached video, paying particular attention to the lower left, right at the start. It seems like packets coming from the left-hand pump are literally overwriting themselves waiting for space behind packets from the right-hand pump. It's less obvious when it's O2 overwriting O2 but you can see cases where an H2 packet just disappears (and then no new H2 ends up in the top mechanical filter). The only case where you can see H2 actually making it out is if the H2 packet originates in the right-hand pump. Any from the left-hand pump are disappearing while waiting. oni-gas-pipe-bug.mp4
  6. I can't seen the clip, but I joined specifically to comment on something like this. Something very weird is going on with bridges and packets waiting in pipes, I've got a electrolyzer setup that has 2 pumps pulling O2 and H2 into a couple of mechanical filters, and something is not right. A specific answer of "mechanical filters shouldn't work" honestly wouldn't bother me, but that's not where the problem is coming in -- even before it reaches that point, it seems like when a packet of gas is waiting to enter a bridge the pumps are able to push more gas into the pipe behind it, causing a new packet to overwrite one that was in the pipe. The end result is I'm seeing H2 packets disappear to be overwritten by O2 packets and vice versa.