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Lunar Atrium? (With Pixel Art)

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In a recent discussion on madness, @Terra_Zina proposed the idea of a hypothetical "Atrium of the moon".

I liked the idea a lot, and tried to imagine a reanimated skeleton of the moon.
I think his skill should be to infect players with lunar crystals: players slowly start turning into lunar rocks. As the unearthly "disease" worsens, the speed of the players decreases and their senses become blurred (the screen becomes increasingly greenish-blue, similar to Wagstaff's myopia). Their defense, however, rises (their body starts to become moonstone, becoming more resistant).
If the disease cannot be cured in time, the player dies and the skeleton left behind, if broken, drops the moon's rock instead of bones.


(I really hope that Klei creates a lunar boss worthy of the worst nightmares :'D)


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Shameless Self-promotion ahead:
I actually worked up a Moon-clops a few weeks ago, and since the Full Moon *almost* aligns with the first Deerclops spawning, It's far more feasible than hiding a new boss wayyyy late into the game, like the Fuelweaver is.

That being said, Crystal-Skeletons are still cool as h*ck




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