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Temperature overlay: more bands for cold temperatures?

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With the introduction of the Rust Biome, I think it would be helpful to have more bands for cold temperatures in the Temperature Overlay. I also find the current bands of blue are very difficult to distinguish from each other, and this could be changed.

For example, it would be good if there was a clearer visual distinction between the following bands: -40 to -30.1, -30 to -20.1, -20 to -10.1, and -10 to -0.1, in addition to the existing "chilled" band (0 to +9.9). 

This would be especially helpful in the early game, when I find myself breaking into the Rust Biome and trying to avoid heating it up too quickly.


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I think it may be helpful to have particle effects to display extreme cold and hot temperatures. For example something that is lava hot would show a bubbling effect, and something super cold may sparkle.

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