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  1. A more nuanced Temperature Overlay, with a few more bands for sub-zero temperatures. This feels more necessary now the Rust Biome exists. That biome is cold, but not as cold as the Ice Biome, and it can heat up more quickly. I've made a suggestion here:
  2. Agree. Also in this thread I've suggested more nuance is needed in the overlay for sub-zero temperatures.
  3. With the introduction of the Rust Biome, I think it would be helpful to have more bands for cold temperatures in the Temperature Overlay. I also find the current bands of blue are very difficult to distinguish from each other, and this could be changed. For example, it would be good if there was a clearer visual distinction between the following bands: -40 to -30.1, -30 to -20.1, -20 to -10.1, and -10 to -0.1, in addition to the existing "chilled" band (0 to +9.9). This would be especially helpful in the early game, when I find myself breaking into the Rust Biome and trying to avoid heating it up too quickly.
  4. Interesting discussion. When I first arrived at this thread, I was opposed to the Water Sieve changes like many people here. But I think these two posts helped me change my mind. It's a shame the Water Sieve solution isn't what it used to be. But this does seem to force us to use a wider range of tools in the early to mid-game.
  5. Crash reporting seems broken

    This is happening to me too. My crash reports have all failed to go through.
  6. Conduits flowing wrong direction

    Several people experiencing similar things, as posted here.
  7. Water is flowing in the wrong direction

    This might be related: in this screenshot showing my Polluted Water piping, the Lavatory is outputting Polluted Water in both left and right directions. The result is that the Sink output pipe is blocked and registers "output pipe full". If you run the attached save file, you'll see Marie use the Lavatory and the Polluted Water output in both directions, left and right. My assumption is that the Lavatory should only output to the right, i.e. towards the Liquid Reservoir. Reloading doesn't help. My game build is LU-348533 but, like the OP, I started this save on an earlier patch (and didn't experience this problem). Pit_t2 Cycle 44.sav
  8. Gas reservoir blocked output

    I agree with rafker, this has not been an issue in previous versions and should not be happening. Unless the devs have deliberately introduced this change.
  9. Dasha Saltvine flickering (Visual Bug)

    Same, I've observed a version of this bug on the most recent game update today, LU-348553. See the posts further down the thread here.
  10. Update to this on today's updated game version LU-348553. The graphical flicker seems to have gone away but only partly... When the Dasha Saltvine is outside of Chlorine and in the early stages of growth (i.e. when the "fruit" on the end of the vine is small), its graphic doesn't flicker at all. But when it is in the later stages of growth (i.e. when the "fruit" on the end of the vine is slightly larger), its graphic still flickers, but it's only the stem of the Saltvine that twitches, not the fruit. You should see this with the same save file I posted on the OP.
  11. [Game Update] - 347957

    Yes, I get rapidly flickering Dasha Saltvines when they're not in Chlorine gas. I posted it in the bug thread here.
  12. The Dasha Saltvine graphic in my save game has gone mad and rapidly flickers larger and smaller. It seems to only happen when the plant is not in Chlorine - but I'm not certain of that. Reloading, rebooting the game or trying a different save file didn't help. Attached is the save file and DXDiag file. Afraid I cannot find the Output log. I'm playing on build LU-347957. Pit_t.sav
  13. I wondered about that too. However, the recipe for Pepper Bread is visible, yet I couldn't find any Sleet Wheat Grains on the visible map. It's possible that some were buried under tiles, but none visible as far as I could see... Perhaps Pepper Bread appears in the recipe list because there are already Pincha Peppernuts on the map. But that is still quite inconsistent with Gristle Berry, and I feel it would be better to see all recipes or none at all.
  14. I built an Electric Grill before any Bristle Berries had been grown or harvested. The grill's production orders UI did not show "Gristle Berry" as an option at all. Seems like a bug or an inconsistency, because the grill did display other recipes for which I didn't yet have any ingredients, including "Stuffed Berry"... Reloading didn't fix it. The problem disappears once the first Bristle Berry is harvested: Gristle Berry then becomes available in the production orders UI, and it can be queued and cooked without problem. Save file attached, before & after photos below. Game build is Q3-327401. Before harvesting (Gristle Berry option not visible): After harvesting (Gristle Berry option visible): Citadel Cycle 31.sav
  15. The snaking pipe method seems to fix the problem for me too.