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Heart of the Constant (Speculation)

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Return Of Them is still in gestation, but I already wonder: what will be the final enemy of this new expansion?
As crazy as I think, it will be Celestial Portal!
Think about it: it's not just a portal, but it's alive! Wendy said: "An otherworldly heart beats with mine". A sign that a heart is beating somewhere... on the moon, perhaps? Too far... and if it was under the ground, right under the portal?
And if for some unfortunate reason, this otherworldly heart should come to light, following a repulsive blasphemous ritual forgotten?
Say what you want, but I think it will be just this that will awaken the afterlife of the world from the depths of the earth.
And at that point, the horrid truth of the Constant will be revealed.

I tried to make a pixel art of how I imagined the Heart of the Constant



(Ps: What could be its stats? I bet 1,000,000 HP and a laser from eye! Tell me what you think :D)

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Well I mean. Seems pretty clear to me that the portal is referring to the Moon considering what we know about the Lunar Island.

Distance doesn't really matter when it's a portal. Teleportation and all.

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On 22/6/2019 at 4:58 AM, Novablaster said:

I like the Darkest Dungeon Heart of Darkness you put in there. Though I dont know how I will feel reviving myself in the portal when I know its going to turn out like that.

Darkest Dungeon always in the heart <3

(which then, the finale of Darkest Dungeon is cyclical... and the world of DS is called "Constant"... a case? I don't think so!)

12 hours ago, seantryke said:

I really like the idea of the portal being a boss.

Thank you very much, these are the comments that encourage me to continue creating content to entertain the forum! :wilson_love:

11 hours ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

This looks more like cthulu x moon lord from terraria.

You could not summarize better what I imagined! :)

7 hours ago, Ornge said:

How did you think of all this from just one quote?

Should you know the world I imagined, when Wolfgang says he would need a scythe with the hammer... :D


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i like the idea and believe that it would be an interesting addition to that game however i think that having the portal as the final boss would require it to be as strong as misery toadstool to become a challenging fight but if i had one complaint it would be that i don't understand the concept of your pixel art, i do believe that the look of it is actually extremely unique and magnificent but the moon presence has more to do with creating new life and reforming it especially plant life e.g wormwood(vine) , salamander (dragon fruit) and carrat (carrot).


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