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Cherry Forest

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To make things easier for everyone, we decided to move the wiki and tutorials on our Discord server !
Feel free to join for chatting with us or to discover the mod. :wilson_love:

Cherry Forest workshop :                                                                                                             Wirlywings Client mod :

CHERRY_about.png.47b761fd516a5c83d5826b195957dc45.png            CHERRY_Wirly.png.029bb602589c750b5bad0de054b2211b.png


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3 hours ago, minespatch said:

What's the statue of the Cherryling?

Yeah it's the Forest Statue ! This structure can give you rewards if you trade befriended Cherrylings with any characters :

  • 1 to 4 Cherrylings will trade them for tier 1 rewards (food like Cherry Cake & Pie, or Blossoms and Cherry Gem)
  • If you bring 5 or more, it trigger the Hide & Cherries minigame that have very nice items like this :
    • cherry_boomerang.png.17fd0eab1808ffcb6bef27cae04ef43f.pngcherrystaff.png.cd509558ec2639474bf817a4ea61b177.pngcherryamulet.png.7f524e39e2f838646b381f26b00d05dd.pngcherry_bonzai_large_white.png.12ed2b3bb75a226ec2658ebe0a30ce46.png
    • You can also get dug plants so it make them renewable on survival
    • If you get a 100% score : Food rewards are bigger and have twice more stats, plus, the items will have shiny particles :wilson_ecstatic:

Wirlywings also spawn inside of the Cherry Forest next to the Forest Statue, which is a pretty cool alternative start especially on an Island worldgen.

There's also a free sunk gold nugget inside ;)

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@Liontree997 Hey ! Sorry for the wait but I haven't noticed my thread got unarchived for some reason xD I will have to update some stuff like Cherry Gems ;) 

So to farm those items, you will need a couple of things :

  1. A Cherryling
  2. Some seeds
  3. Food, like fruits, petals...

Cherrylings have a 5% chance to drop a Cherry Gem when you give them some food as long they had seeds in their inventory, the seeds are consumed afterward, if you don't want to feed them one item by one cause it would take too long, I suggest you to do like me and create a nice zone next to your base with pink and white Cherry Trees, the white one will spawn some Cherrylings during dusk and night and you just have to drop the seeds, then cut the pink trees to loot many cherries and petals that they can eat to have a chance to drop gems !

Just so you know, I've planned some improvements on the method like adding a visual indicator if Cherrylings have seeds or not in their inventory, this will be added in one of the next update and we're slowly making progress on the other elements incoming, have fun with the mod :wilson_love:


@Bowensnow I think I've replied on the steam comments to your question last time but just to be sure, look at the crafting segment of the thread, everything with the seed and flowers is mentioned here

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On 1/26/2021 at 3:19 PM, JIANG LAI said:

This dragonfly is very big ,can you make him smaller?

Hi there ! Yeah I plan to make the very large one much more rare later, at the current state, the size has some nice attributes, the bigger they are, the more they refuel the Cheeradeceus but they also are harder to catch... anyway the size will also be very important for a sort of side-quest once I've added a planned mob for our next updates, soon I hope ^^. So for now all the sizes have the same chance to spawn but there will be more smaller Butterdragons on a future update to make the large one super rare and rewarding to catch ! :)

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How do I help Daylilng Bug?

I try to look it up on the youtube.. and it seems that you need some blue bird? Where can i fine that? 

I'm so sorry if my question seems stupid but I really love the design of the world <3 

Hope i get reply, and that you have a lovely day <3

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