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Small winter problem.

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Kevin said during the last live stream that they most likely wouldn't be able to add a custom cursor to the Chrome version of the game because it causes severe lag, but that they will make one for the steam version when they get time.

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The problem is cursor color, during winter I often lose track of my cursor, cause everything is white, time to give us new cursor color for winter.

I have the same problem. Sometimes I lose track of it before hounds come. It's a nightmare.
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don't know if this helps you guys but i play steam in windowed mode and my pointer is set to windows inverted(system scheme)in the mouse properties this way when the pointer is over something black its white, when over something white its black and so on (for some reason while on pink it goes greenworks ingame the only problem i have is sometimes i click the edge of the window and it makes it go full screen and the game can't handle the change as you have to press the map bit to pause the game(when the game has jumped to full screen)edit: just noticed i'm no longer a junior, now i'm like all grown up! must act all grown up erm...sod it i'm off to ask for multilayer

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