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What's the new Bernie good for?

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Welp considering you dont have a choice, but to deal with shadow monsters in caves high level players can use throttle their sanity to make full use of him, while if you cant manage your sanity he helps out low experienced players.


His literal function is he taunts shadow monsters to attack him. You need to be insane to make him become monster Bernie.

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Some things I do with him.

  • Makes nightmare fuel farming a great deal easier. So much so that you could just stay insane and let Bernie kill them for you for quite a while.
  • Let's you use insanity inducing items/tools for bosses and the like. (Blue mushrooms, night armor, night sword, etc.)
  • Specifically good at killing Dragonfly as it 100% aggro's the lavae and is totally fireproof. You'll need multiple Bernie's to keep it working throughout the fight though.
  • Can aggro the grumble bee's that the Beequeen spawns for about half the fight. (After halfway they start ignoring Bernie)
  • He's a decent tank for going through the ruins.
  • He can be used to tank hound waves if you so desire.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there are several more decent uses for him but can't think of them at the moment.

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Oooo thanks very informative ones right off the bat!


My girlfriend is starting out and she feels that new player attraction to Willow(haha) so I'm trying to think of basic strats she can use to get her going and having fun

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I have been summoned.

  • Farming spiders. Hit a spider at dusk, causing all surroinding spiders to get mad and target you. Bernie will taunt, causing them to aggro him. You can now literally just stand there holding f because they will NEVER go for you.
  • Hound waves is a thing in the past.
  • He cannot be stunlocked. Really good for bossfights. I've used him against Deerclops, Treeguard, Spiderqueen, Dragonfly and Shadow Chesspieces. He'll keep their aggro, causing them to not move around so much, he's tanky and 50 damage a hit is pretty good.
  • You can fight Mactusks without armor. The hounds will go for Bernie, leaving their master defenceless.
  • He is ESPECIALLY good agains Spiderqueen (and I imagine Varg) because he'll aggro the spiders, leaving their mother defenceless.
  • Amazing in the ruins. Will taunt and tank the pesky splumonkies, nightmares and clockworks. Just bring a sewing kit or 2.
  • Farming Shadow Creatures, but you knew that.
  • Fighting pigs and bunnies

Probably more that I forgot about. So basically, he's busted.

If you're gonna be playing Willow, here's some tips surrounding Bernie:

  • Beg Winona for the Trusty Tapes
  • Oasis aint Manure compared to Dfly desert. Dfly desert is where it's at. It got hound mounds for the teeth and lava puddles (you're Willow so you can actually use these)
  • Have 2 Bernies. Trust. When 1 Bernie falls you can instantly spawn the other 1.
  • Don't spawn Bernie unless you have a spear. Help him out during the shadow fights or he won't last long at all. 5-6 hits on the crawling horror and about 7-8 for the beaks, and then let Bernie do the last hit. You won't get sanity so you'll stay insane.
  • Terror beaks sometimes cheat and hits you anyway, which is SUPER annoying and they do alot of damage.
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