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  1. Chess Pieces*

    Wait chess pieces aren’t in Return of Them Beta ? That seems weird.
  2. I just recently bought Shipwrecked and I’m having a great time! I am playing as Wilson on a world that is currently on day 17. As far as I understand and how I have experienced things in the past is that Wilson’s beard takes 15 days to fully grow. So it would normally be done on day 16 if you don’t shave right ? But that unfortunately didn’t happen to me. I’m stuck on second stage. I know this is a minor bug and I have yet to test if it is just graphically or if it actually affects the gameplay. Like I said it’s minor but if you could fix it, it could be nice =)
  3. Hotkey Question

    Doesn’t space work with those things ? It works with almost anything nearby except attacking.
  4. I have been there a couple of times but last time I was there it was like day 900. Time flies by. And also congrats.
  5. I thought of something similar when I first saw Waverly so I think it’s a good idea
  6. I just bougth Hamlet today and yeah I got Wormwood so yay! And apparently you don’t need to type does codes to get the dlc exclusive skins in DST.
  7. I don’t think you seemed rude so no need to be sorry for me at least. But yeah it’s solved now
  8. Thanks for all the reply’s I think I will buy Hamlet and then in turn Wormwood later today.
  9. Well that is ok. I only asked cause it would be a nice bonus. But Zeklo has a point. Where did you get this information I might reply back tomorrow cause I still think I will buy Don’t Starve
  10. He can fight Nigthmare creatures and sometimes other mobs too when you are insane. You can also equip him for warmth and sanity
  11. I was thinking about buying Hamlet and base game Don’t Starve (I only own Don’t Starve Together) now that it’s on sale an I was wondering. Will I still get Wormwood for owning Hamlet ? I hope someone can answer me.