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EDIT: Already gave out the copies, thanks and sorry.

Hey guys saw the Klei sale, but I already bought most of the stuff on there. However, I really want to support Klei and am just hyped for Wormwood, and have 11 left in my Steam wallet. So if anybody would like a copy of DST or knows a friend who could use a copy, I'm willing to gift you one.

Send me a message if you're interested, and I'll edit this once I've bought them.

It's just nice to give back to the community and support Klei along the way, so if anybody's interested.

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16 hours ago, Catteflyterpill said:

Okay, because of the way Steam works I'll need to send it to an account that doesn't have Steam downloaded. Just an FYI, please verify this I know it's annoying but it's just the way Steam is.

Wouldn't it be easier to pick the lucky winner, ask for their steam name and send it as a trade offer?

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@Catteflyterpill nice move man.

what do you actually mean. cause if you buy DST you get a free copy. so if you gift someone DSt he will have 2 copies of the game. so actually you could pick 2 winners here and buy one of them DST and tell him to send the free copy he gets to the other winner.

just an idea. do what ever your lovely heart wants xD

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7 hours ago, cezarica said:

What happened to this part?

I'm confused by your confusion.

Also I already gave out the copies I could, and it was just to people who asked. Sorry for those who wanted one but I couldn't get out to you. I appreciate everybody's patience and interest.

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