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Do you want bigger boats? (poll)

Do you want bigger boats?  

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also this is another idea i had, oil pockets underwater, how do you get them? with an oil station. (with the posses it takes to rebuild floral poster) you click on a foundation that is specialized in oil pockets, and you build various things on top of foundation including things like chests, alchemy engines, statues, everything you already know how to build, and while on the foundation you have the knowledge or you build a station on an oil pumping station that goes on this foundation made for oil pumping in water, and you can walk around it like it's land and such. and this wouldn't be the only foundation for these things. lets say you have a oil riged in the middle of the sea, you can build another foundation specialized in control over these stations, a control station, but sometimes you'd need more players at each station to control with various things like, maintenance or weather repair, or system checks, and maybe only winnona knows most about this stuff and is the only one to build a station of this knowledge of making any of this. and thered be one foundation for a sea base, and for control over all stations , each station would have a tv like board that has lots of word boards saying do this or that, and on the other side would be a control panel where when you click it it will show the button panel up close on screen and show all the things the other person would see on the board on there end of the thing. this would be for the control center, when you click the panel it will also have a crank for each station available. i dont expect this system but i do expect the team effort in these stations if this is a thing in the game, and some of these special stations (that again starts off as a foundation you place on top of the water) produce is more material for better ships or food at an extent. and along side this idea the ships should also have various tools and ways to assist with this, fishing nets, cargo shipping, maybe deep sea diving? id like to maybe sea new sea based bosses defenetly! id also like to see a little more sea life like in shipwrecked 

yes that would be cool too, in fact with HeatAndRun's battleship idea, what if you guys made a forever event almost like the forge and gorge but, BATTLE SHIPS!!! one big team of players against a big team of players (5/6 ships, 4 per ship) and its a battle to the death, but keep the biggest ship alive, and with the 4 per ship there are work stations, cannons, repair, sailor, and navigation. cannon people fire and reload the cannons, navigationest uses a grid like map with points like, a1 f8 b3 etc. repair man/woman fixes any damages with ship, and the sailor commands everything while taking responsibilities with the wheel. and thered be special ships with various things to do, one has weapons that is only remote airplanes, one would have big cannons, one would be real fast but small, one would have restocks of ammo for other vessels (wes would have that duty unless you choose character and choose a ship duty to attend witch determends what ship yours on) and one would have artillery fired weapons, and there might be more than that. and there would be lots of players to join a server of a randomly generatable map of sea, one thing out of this event would finally be having a use for wolfgang's navy uniform. the winning team gets a high quality chest to open and the other team gets low quality chest to open, i would LOVE to see this play out and have as another mode to play forever if possible. and mabye this would give us exclusive skins to have for the Return of Them future updates if anything bigger than dst was to be added to dst

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I don't mind the current boats -- if you're careful with the placement you can fit all the things you need a boat to have (anchor, steering wheel, a couple of sails; I could probably get more sails in there if I tried) plus enough structures to live out of the boat for several days (except hound wave defenses) onto a single boat -- but an additional, larger, more expensive boat would be nice to have. Perhaps it could be innately fancier, but just by itself the larger size would let you put more structures on it and therefore invest more resources in it and make it more powerful.

PvP boat battles do sound like a lot of fun but I think that'd be better as a player-organised thing than an official event, however nice it would be to get prizes for winning. (Especially since Klei's approach seems to be to give players the option of PvP but not make it a focus, and both the events so far have been exclusively co-op.) All we'd really need to implement that general concept is a boat-mounted cannon-type-thing that can damage other boats directly, and that seems like something we can reasonably expect to show up in a later update to the beta once there's something to fight with it besides other players. That, and a scorekeeping mod.

You can already mess another player's boat up pretty badly with a fire staff, a Weather Pain and/or a Winona catapult, tbh, and I don't think a cannon structure to put on boats would have a much bigger range than any of those given the way the DS camera works (unless you wanted to go full Battleship and shoot at distant map tiles you can't actually see, but that doesn't seem useful in any other situation except perhaps calling in an airstrike on the antlion, so it sounds more like a mod weapon). I suppose it's more satisfying if you want to sink the boat rather than kill everyone onboard though.

Also Wolfgang was in the cavalry, which sounds like the army rather than the navy to me due to the difficulties of keeping horses on boats. It's in one of his beefalo riding lines.

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What if we could craft farm plots like the one in the Gorge, where you could plant seeds/pine cones/bushes/flowers? Then boat bases would have the access to basic resources, like wood and grass. Honestly, they could just get rid of normal farms entirely and replace them with more expensive but more versatile Gorge-type ones.

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On 6/14/2019 at 4:24 AM, FuffledBeeQueen said:

I just want a friggin' Galeon sailing through the world with all my base stuff on top, if you could only place plants in some sorts of pot to place on the ship... hmm

If you select Winter's Feast mode at worldgen you can build up to four Festive Tree Planters on a boat and have a floating arboretum for logs and twigs. (It works with birchnuts and twiggy trees as well as evergreens, but not moon trees and I'm not sure whether that's on purpose.) I wouldn't recommend making that your main boat because of how much space they take up, but it could be a valuable part of a water base.


Grass is harder; all I can think of is herding grass gekkoes onto a boat (not sure if they'll actually go on it though), at least aside from the outrageously marginal solution of building exactly one farm plot and waiting for the crop to wilt to provide you with one (1) grass in summer. Making landfall in the Dragonfly desert to harvest a bunch of tumbleweeds would be infinitely more economical.

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