Nerf Treehuards.

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  1. 1. Do you like this idea?

    • No, Treeguards are fine they way they are.
    • Yeah, I die a lot from them.
    • To nerfy, tweak it.
    • Why Nerf Treeguards? Add goats.

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Okay, so peaceful day I just got on day 30 for the second time. SUNDELLY a wild Treeguard appears, okay so I grab my log suit and spear (Not near a pig town,) And I kept running and hitting but you can't do that. They attack so fast, so I die. Here are my ideas to make them better. Treeguards attack slower.Treeguards are weaker.Treeguards have 25 less health.

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I think I've actually been hit by Optimus Pine... twice? His attack is easy to time. Hit him three times, take a step back while he swings, hit him three more times, take a step back as he swings. Repeat. You can even squeeze in four swings, but you then have to be very quick when stepping back. You should not take any damage from this guy... ever.

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