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  1. homeless bees = flowers. Awesome! Is it a continuous thing or do they convert (i.e. 1 bee = 1 flower, like when you "plant" butterflies)?
  2. My winter started around 20 and lasted until near 40. I really think they should make it shorter than summer OR have a spring/fall with day length in between winter and summer and freezing only being a hazard at night. As it stands, IF you are prepared for winter, it is incredibly boring just sitting by a fire and eating.
  3. FYI guys, beefalo almost always start in small numbers now that they reproduce. I see a lot of posts along the lines of, "Stupid map generator! My world only has two beefalo." But those two fellas quickly become a herd by day 10 or so.
  4. My thoughts exactly. Preparing for winter is fun and makes the "easy" summer days challenging, since you know you can't just survive, you have to survive, build, and hoard for the coming difficult season. But once winter hits, you're either prepared or not. I was prepared, and spent 1/4 of each day cycle chopping wood and boomeranging birds/rabbits and the remaining 3/4 surfing the internet with the game on in the background so I could listen for hounds or eyeclops. that's a pretty dull way to play a video game...
  5. I think I've actually been hit by Optimus Pine... twice? His attack is easy to time. Hit him three times, take a step back while he swings, hit him three more times, take a step back as he swings. Repeat. You can even squeeze in four swings, but you then have to be very quick when stepping back. You should not take any damage from this guy... ever.
  6. Bridges would be fantastic, but I think they should be quite expensive and you should also have to install "bases" on both sides that would then connect. This makes sure you're actually supposed to be able to reach the other side in the first place.
  7. Neither hounds nor pigs can be stunlocked, and it seems that all enemies will no longer "take a break" from combat to eat meat products you drop. This means that in early game I've just planned on taking a hit or two per hound or pig. With a logsuit, it's really no big deal. Also, it's still possible to kite a single hound and avoid bites, but usually another one shows up in the time it takes to do so. Mind you, this is just early game, before you have the traps/bee mines/darts/allies you will need to kill large hound packs. Also, spiders can still be stunlocked and will come at you one at a time if you attack them during their dusk/night lurking. This is currently the only good way to gather silk in the early game.
  8. I've been playing the Beta for a while now and this Winter update is the change I've been most excited for (bring on the difficulty!). I played through to my first winter and found it actually kind of dull, though. Don't get me wrong, preparing for winter was stressful and fun. It made the quite easy "early game" more challenging knowing I didn't just have to survive, I had to prepare, hoard, and plant. Then living through the first 7 or so days of winter and testing my preparations was fun too. But then... It became obvious I had hoarded/planted enough resources to sustain myself at a steady state through the winter. I could replace morsels by boomeranging birds and bunnies, get some berries every few days for filler, and chop enough wood nearby to stoke the fire. These "chores", however, only took about 1/4 of a day cycle. After that, I ended up just surfing the internet, with the game and volume on in the background so I could listen for hounds/eyeclops. This is no way to play a video game! Basically, winter adds much-needed difficulty to the game, but that difficulty is loaded onto summer days, with the actual experience of winter just being mostly tedium. I love the idea of cyclical seasons, but I don't think precisely one half summer and one half winter is appropriate. Even if you can choose long/short seasons when setting up a sandbox game, you're still getting half of your days as extremely long and full of activity (fun!) and half of your days sitting by a fire in the dark (tedious). It would be nice to have fall/spring, where day length is between summer and winter and freezing is a hazard only during dusk or night. Anyway, just my two cents. This game has already returned a great time/$ ratio for me, especially for a beta. I can't wait to see what you guys think of next!