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Wormwood's text should be in green, like in Hamlet.

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Wormwood is here, huzzah!

However, his text is no longer in green, but he does still keep the unique font that he uses. If Wormwood's green text is an issue for some people (Some people's eyes are sensitive to a certain combination of yellow and green), I'd like to propose the ability to change it in the options menu much like Wigfrid's umlauts.

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7 hours ago, V2C said:

Just wanted to clarify that we didn't keep the green text because text color is used for indicating the Player's chat color in DST.

I mean, that's a completely different thing all together.

inst.components.talker.colour = Vector3(0.50, 0.90, .4, 1)

This does work when you do it on a hosted server, but only you see it and it doesn't effect the actual chat color above your head.

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