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Engie's Tune-Up works for steam turbines?

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The meter on the steam turbine shows 50% efficiency, but 50% of 1275 is 630 Watts, whereas the steam turbine tooltip says that it produces merely 400 Watts.

EDIT: I can't even check it in the report, because I have several steam turbines.

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The source code calls MakePowerTinkerable when constructing a steam turbine. This shows that it's intended to work and that it should work. However that's not the same as we know for certain that it's free of bugs, be it power production or display issues.

Thinking about it, will it increase steam consumption by 50% or will it deliver 50% more power without consuming more steam/heat?

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I just noticed this as well. I'm surprised that this hasn't come up again. Both my turbines are next to eachother, one is tuned and the other isnt. Both tooltips specify the same output wattage.

/apologies for necro. Couldn't find another post like this.

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