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Health Survey  

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  1. 1. Do you think it is too easy recover health in DST?

  2. 2. How much health do you think it should give back the food?

    • Eating should not restore health
    • The food should return very little health, just a few HP per plate.
    • The food should give back less health, a little lower than the healing tools
    • It is balanced as it is now in the game
    • Food should give even more life than now
    • I don't know
  3. 3. In case of treatment, should health be recovered instantly or in a few minutes with a little HP per second?

    • Instantly, as it is currently in the game
    • It should be recovered more slowly, with just a few HP per second
    • Some treatments should be instantaneous, while others should be diluted over time
    • I don't know
  4. 4. Do you think the characters should have a mild form of passive regeneration of health?

  5. 5. Do you think that managing the health of your character on DST would be more exciting if altered states were added? (For example such as poisoning, bleeding, bone breaking, head trauma, etc.; with their respective care and prevention tools)

    • Yes a lot
    • Yes, but they should be exclusive damage by the bosses and the rarest and most dangerous enemies
    • Maybe
    • No
    • I don't know

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A way to nerf healing by food: Players should not be able to eat food with a full stomach, similar how pigs decline food after being fed 4 times. 

But on the other hand: It's pretty easy to craft Healing Salve, and unlike food it doesn't spoil.

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I love how Wormwood plays.

But food should still give HP.

I'd love a more refined healing system, but stuff like "bleeding" and "broken bones" is a bit much.

We have mods for that.


Please change "life" to health in the first few questions, please. I thought you meant max HP instead of health.

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We do heal a bit too much, but that is fine considering many enemies deal a good chunk of damage even with armor on

Food for the most part is fine when it comes to healing. There are a few food items that could use a slight nerf to their stats, specially butterfly wings. Also, as Viktor234 said, characters shouldn't be able to eat on a near full belly.

I also think healing items should heal way more than they currently do, while being slightly more expensive to make. One big issue of them is that in the middle of important fights you want to heal as fast and as much as possible to keep the timing of the battle; but you have recipes that are dirt cheap like dragon pie and fish sticks that heal for 40 points (vs 30 or 20 of honey poultice and healing salve respectively) while also healing hunger and some sanity, and the one that spoils the fastest is fish sticks in 10 days (which means 5 days before it goes stale under normal conditions) making spoil time a non-issue. Of course, with Viktor's suggestion, increasing their healing amount wouldn't be that big of a deal.

It would be interesting to have more altered states, even more so if more enemies could apply them. Right now we have drowzyness/sleep with bearger (which honestly needs some tweak), freezing with deerclops, fire with dragonfly (kinda), and bogus-stun from ewecus; having more enemies able to apply altered states (bosses and non-bosses) and adding poison would be quite interesting.

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