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[Suggestion] Waves further out in the sea

What do you think about the idea? (PLEASE read it first before you vote)  

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  1. 1. Do you like it? (you read it, right?)

    • Yeah, I think it's quite good and would suit the game.
    • Yeah, although I think there is room for some improvements.
    • Not really, I would improve the idea in many ways.
    • No. Let's leave waves to Shipwrecked.
    • No. Just no. (Could you please explain why in the comments?)
  2. 2. Would you like it implemented?

    • Yeah, I mean, why not?
    • No, because [comment]

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No, not the kind of waves we know from Shipwrecked. Similar ones, but not the same.

Currently, I think that the sea is quite empty (I know that this is something to change). So I decided to suggest adding waves further out in the sea. 

We know how slow the boats (rafts?) are, and that you basically wouldn't be able to dodge any of waves coming at you, so I thought that they should be more dispersed. What would happen if you sail into one? Well, the wave would take a little bit of the boat's durability and make everything, and everyone, on-board drenched. If you sail along one? Well, aside from the fact that you may get a little bit wet, you'll get a demanded speed boost, just like in Shipwrecked. 

Waves would appear at a bigger/smaller rate, depending on how shallow/deep the ocean is.

What do you think about the idea? If you feel that it has something missing, feel free to comment.

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I don't mind it in Shipwrecked and it would spice up long sailing trips, so I'm broadly in favour, but waves should probably be confined to deep-water biomes far from shore because it's like a thousand times easier to steer around (or into) them in a nimble little single-person Shipwrecked boat than one of the DST boats that takes ages to change direction.

The one exception: Waves should replace tremors and craters/falling cave boulders when you're at sea and the Antlion is angry. I'm assuming that spending the entire summer at sea to avoid her is not really the intended gameplay here.

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