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A new use for the pitchfork perhaps?

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Let's face it, it's annoying when theres a certain turf you want to use, but either want it to prioritize over another turf, or the other way around.

Why can't we like... click the edge of a bit of turf with the pitchfork to make that side of it prioritize over other turf? Or vice versa?

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It'd allow for more intricate base designs, and more creativity in general, which is always something I'm a fan of.

As a matter of fact, I think the layers of wooden flooring > marble flooring > carpet flooring is decent as is, HOWEVER, I wouldn't be apposed to that being customizable, because on the same side of the coin, there are things like deciduous turf which layers over wooden flooring for whatever reason and is super annoying.

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It's just the order in which they were added. Their display works on a layering system.
...it would be nice if they were changed now though. Natural turfs grouped with eachother at low layer numbers, artificial turfs way higher up.

and then every previously saved world experiences a veritable cataclysm, but hey, that's progress for ya

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