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Anyone else like the Aporkalypse season? (Wormwood)


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Ok i'm a few days into my first Aporkalypse and i think the end of the pig world isn't too bad!

I love not needing any light. I can do anything whenever i want.

Ancient Herald spawns? I just run away with my walking stick and it becomes a passive mob

Farming Orange pikos is so easy with traps. They will literally come to you (to their deaths). Nothing like a nice hot or cold tea during the Aporkalypse

Ancient spirits spawn? Yeah.. just run away. They're slow

Mants = avoid. Mant warriors run fast.

Also avoiding areas with Iron Hulk spawns, easy, no problem (mine is currently in a condensed grass tuft area so i'm avoiding that. Don't want to burn everything away)

I haven't been to the Pig Palace island yet but befriending mandrakes sounds cool.

And last but not the least the Vampire bats. I'm playing as Wormwood and this so far is my favorite part:

I have a small outpost in the center of the map (where you spawn) and i turned it into a Snaptooth Flytrap death trap. There's probably about 12 fully grown Snaptooths and another Dozen baby/adolescent snaptooths that i lured here. I've been using this area as a safe space prior to the aporkalypse and it is also my farming spot for rabid beetle light bulbs/weevole carapaces from the nearby jungle forest and grass tuft cluster. I literally have a ton of carapces and lightbulbs surrounding the area. You see where i'm going here..

I just lure the vampire bats to this area and I let my snaptooth horde fight the vampire bat horde. Ofcourse I save some for myself to get Pig skins for city building.

Bramble armor also works well when bats swarm. AOE damage around me :)

Sanity also isn't a problem for me since bird /tea tree/forest jungle tree seeds are everywhere. Also i have a lot of unpicked dung in the world plus the 3 times i let BFB take me away. Love renewable poop mounds. If i need more sanity there's also Lotus flower which is ALSO right in the center of the map where my Snaptooth defense wall is located.  . And finally If i'm ever out of (seeds) I just shovel a Sapling, plant it, shovel again.

I have tons if stalks for walking cane, free nectar-honey-poultices from snaptooths that die in battle, free carapace food in crockpot + seeds I just plant anywhere on the ground, free chitin for mant armor to get access to honey,  lots of hassle free pig skins. No worry of pig guards fighting bats at night and burning your base down.

If the snaptooth wall starts to encroach in the open plains I do a little "trimming" no problem. More nectar and stalks.

I'm enjoying this Aporkalypse so far!

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8 minutes ago, paoweeotter said:

I'm enjoying this Aporkalypse so far!

And that is the only thing that matters in my opinion ;) I actually play the same as you, with Wormwood too. I skipped the first Aporkalypse, the one that doesn't end if you don't use the calendar. But I play through the others and so far I like it as I find it game changing. Feels nice that someone else does the same :p

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3 hours ago, TheOnlyGuyEver said:

Whenever I show up and it's Aporkalypse I just telelocate to the calendar instantly. Nothing there is worth the hassle.

I'm sorry it is a hassle for you. I feel like Wormwood is just made for Hamlet. Even Aporkalypse. When you dont have pig guards to fight the bat horde, you have your own Snaptooth horde to fall back to.

Any hostile mob problem you encounter can be dealt with by your Snaptooth army. Nothing beats seeing squads of weevoles from 2 clusters fight with your Snaptooths during Temperate season, watching a swarm of rabid beetles go head on to your snaptooth wall and die during humid full moon, and for the aporkalypse.. vampire bat horde vs your own horde of fully grown plants

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