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  1. My real life dragon pie

    Looks really delicious!
  2. Started RoG world, compatible with Hamlet. In world settings set Autumn start. At 60th day decided to go in caves first time. After entering cave current season changed - Summer changed to Spring. After getting out of cave Spring still continued.
  3. [Game Update] - 345820

    It was always like that.
  4. [Game Update] - 336897

    Does it mean we are safe from Herald in interiors in Aporkalypse?
  5. Bug: Generating RoG world plays Hamlet sound (if world is compatible with Hamlet) Fix: In file "...\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\DLC0003\scripts\screens\worldgenscreen.lua" on line 187 function is missing conditional for survival worlds: elseif world_gen_options.level_type == "survival" then self.backgroundSound = "dontstarve/HUD/worldGen"
  6. That would be nice. I always feel like cheating when I grab water and just run...
  7. Is there any info about aporkalypse ending itself?
  8. Hey! I wanted to ask: right now vines regrow inside ruins as soon as player leaves them. Is it bug of feature? There was a bug at the beginning of early access where vines did regrow, but after some time it has been fixed. Later, after one update they started growing back.
  9. Basically Wagstaff can craft: normal goggles that remove blurriness. thermal goggles: protects from darkness; everything is blue except for living things. some armored goggles: protects you; removes blur, but outside of screen gets covered with metal texture. another goggles that shoots laser. umbrella with ability to teleport (requires telepad). telepad: you will be teleported here. construction that crushes ground: deals damage around it and chops all trees. Haven't tested everything for 100%, so can't guarantee everything I have written is correct.
  10. That blue gem is always reserved for sprinkler.
  11. Aporkalypse have become even more difficult now, since sometimes the only way to access aporkalypse clock is by using hidden passage. Now you have to invest in a lot of explosives before going to fifth island.
  12. Does it happen only with Hamlet activated?
  13. You can always download simple mod that returns Warbucks back in game. For example https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1648155225 or https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1648283164
  14. It's there any news regarding future update of Hamlet or early access? What comes next?
  15. Sorry but devs never showed character and said it will look like this. They never said about this character anything, until release date. They have every right to modify character until they feel it's well done, and then release it. You shouldn't be mad. Different thing would be if they released character and then remodeled it. Then you could argue old one was better. I still think new one looks really cool.
  16. Just quoted your response, in case developers don't check closed bug reports.
  17. After last update already cut vines have grown again.
  18. Has anyone found out about celebration after aporkalypse what exactly happens?
  19. Wormdwood probably will have something to do with hayfever.
  20. Small interface "bug": Motd is covering pigs hat a little bit.
  21. Sometimes when saving game inside house/cave, and reentering that save will cause map to render a bit differently (a little bit ugly). Like brightness has been increased.
  22. Thanks for the update. RoG is now playable. As I noticed, there are two more bugs remaining in RoG worlds: 1) RoG world generated with Hamlet compatibility will have Hamlet worldgen sound played while creating world. 2) RoG worlds have greenish Spring tint in Autumn. Regular DS doesn't has that, so I can guess change wasn't intentional.
  23. Instead of circle, fog is shaped more oval like on 4:3 aspect ratio screens. So it means less visibility.
  24. It feels like many thing in world preset modify absolute value instead of adding percentage to things. Another suggestion in QoL would be to change that. Once I wanted mandrakes in RoG to be more common. Instead I've got world that had mandrakes almost everywhere.
  25. Please add option to disable unbalanced aporkalypse at the world settings.