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  1. Please make stone slabs renewable!!

    Without them 2 really good crock pot recipes become obsolete.
  2. [Game Update] - 336897

    Does it mean we are safe from Herald in interiors in Aporkalypse?
  3. Considering Wormwood is plant wouldn't be it logical if he gained hp while it is raining? Since healing Wormwood is a quite problematic, I think that would balance him out. What are your thoughts?
  4. First aporkalypse is 10000 days, and then it's just 20 days.
  5. I think it would be nice change, if you could trade whole stack of Clippings at once. Trading them one by one takes a lot of time and is tedious job. Sometimes you have to trade +100 pieces.
  6. Bug: Generating RoG world plays Hamlet sound (if world is compatible with Hamlet) Fix: In file "...\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\DLC0003\scripts\screens\worldgenscreen.lua" on line 187 function is missing conditional for survival worlds: elseif world_gen_options.level_type == "survival" then self.backgroundSound = "dontstarve/HUD/worldGen"
  7. I don't play dst because it is oriented towards coop. profile icons, character background, emotes - not interested in those. One of the many things I hate in DST is raid bosses. It feels like I am playing World of warcraft instead of Don't starve. Of course with mods you can fix everything, but why do that if I already have DS. Don't starve is already oriented towards singleplayer in every way.
  8. Don't starve Hamlet uses regular Don't starve image in Steam. It would be nice if Hamlet had its own image like before. What it used to be: What it is now:
  9. Who is best character to survive apocalypse

    You have to find poisoned rainforest on your Island. There will be several ruin entrances. You need ruin entrance that has herald statue on top of it. Go through ruin and find exit. You will be on 5th island now. There you have to find another ruin entrance. And in that ruin there will be special clock, which is able to stop aporkalypse. Btw Wendy is also very strong character, because her ghost deals maximum damage during aporkalypse. And he can tank different Creatures.
  10. True, you never said that, but original thread creator mentioned fact that Wagstaff is not part of the Hamlet to underline Hamlet's inferiority. While I agree with TS in most points, I think Hamlet is the best dlc ever released character-wise.
  11. We wouldn't have had this character if Hamlet hadn't come out. Saying devs only released 3 characters during Hamlet is unfair to them.
  12. My problem with Hamlet.

    One of the things I hate about Aporkalypse is that ghosts activate traps and doors. It's almost impossible for "normal" player to end aporkalypse after it started. Only way is rushing until 60 day.
  13. Oh, really?? You are wrong my friend.
  14. Klei should definitely add option to disable aporkalypse in world settings. This unquestionably should be possible.
  15. That would be nice. I always feel like cheating when I grab water and just run...
  16. Is there any info about aporkalypse ending itself?
  17. Hey! I wanted to ask: right now vines regrow inside ruins as soon as player leaves them. Is it bug of feature? There was a bug at the beginning of early access where vines did regrow, but after some time it has been fixed. Later, after one update they started growing back.
  18. I wanted to clarify: when you die in DS, game doesn't overwrite or change your save files, they are just deleted. You can recover them like any deleted file. I have done it once.
  19. Yeah, you are absolutely right, but he wanted to recover his deleted save files. Maybe not in game, but it is still possible.
  20. That's not true. Deleted files stay on hard drive forever until overwritten by other files.
  21. I checked right now and it seems beta save files have same names.
  22. Download any program that allows recovery of deleted files. Install it (preferably on other disk than save file was located) . And search for save files depending of dlc you played (porkland_1, shipwrecked_1, survival_1), number equals save slot. If you are in beta, save files will probably have different names. If you get lucky you will find your save. After that create new save with exact character and exact save slot. Go back to main menu. Swap save files and then exit game. I did this once, when I got randomly stomped by Roc and it worked.
  23. I think it would be more interesting if Wheeler were the first character unlocked in Hamlet by xp and Wormwood and Wilba had their own quests.
  24. Basically Wagstaff can craft: normal goggles that remove blurriness. thermal goggles: protects from darkness; everything is blue except for living things. some armored goggles: protects you; removes blur, but outside of screen gets covered with metal texture. another goggles that shoots laser. umbrella with ability to teleport (requires telepad). telepad: you will be teleported here. construction that crushes ground: deals damage around it and chops all trees. Haven't tested everything for 100%, so can't guarantee everything I have written is correct.
  25. Might not be the answer you are looking, but in my honest opinion DS world looks much nicer then DST.