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New Default portaits for reworked characters

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So, I don't know how many people are going to see this, ( especially since my idiot self accidentally uploaded this similar post onto the gorge topic instead of the general topic, but I was hoping for an idea where they would redraw or create more detailed portraits for whenever the characters had introduced their month of them being reworked as it could be a nice little quality to make them feel more in paced with the game. The Difference of the artstyle in Don't starve and Don't starve together is that the portraits in don't starve seem to be simple and created just to show how the character just looks in total as a full view which is nice...



but in don't starve together (atleast portraits for the new characters) seem to reference a whole new art style like a sorta mix with their chibi style and like a extremely detailed style with a dark and gloomy design especially showing off expressions to represent the characters interacting with that cosume and how they would interact newly with that artsyle.Whinona.jpeg.7e52f4dbaf4eded63a9595912ce5a264.jpegwortox.jpeg.9b8731d8460f48bebbcee110f15a4020.jpeg

My only suggestion is for them to make new portraits just to fit in with the style grim and colorless style that Don't starve together seems to have making it a little bit awkward and  seeing how different the new character's portraits are other then the original which were made for the original *original* Don't starve.

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That would be a great addition for the refreshes. Might be best placed until all the reworks are finished, as the actual groundwork should take priority, but a new DST portrait could really cement the re-invigoration of the characters and express who they are in the shared Constant. 

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I've actually noticed before that all of the non-RoG/DST characters have a slightly different artstyle. You can barely see this in SW portraits but its there if you squint at it. However, it's extremely noticeable with Wilba, Wormwood, and Wagstaff. Seriously, look at Wilba's portrait, and then look at Wilson's right next to it. It's radically different.

The DST-only characters also have this but not as much as the Hamlet Characters (which, I guess, have some excuse as there are separate teams working on Hamlet and DST) as Winona's portrait is the *only* portrait that isn't full-body. It's cut off past her knees. Wortox' portrait is also a tad... weird. It's the correct shape when compared to other portraits (if not smaller) but it's so radically different compared to the rest of the casts' sketch-like portraits.

Besides, we've had these portraits for half a decade now, it'd might be nice to have a breath of fresh air.


tl;dr It might be nice if we had all characters' portraits revamped with a nicer style. The game as a whole seems to have moved on from the sketch-themed style ever since the new main menu we got when the Forge first came out, and in comparison to the new characters/portraits, the old ones feel outdated.

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