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Which do you prefer?

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Ok, I know there has already been a little bit of discussion about the living artifact and the vortex cloak. Both items are very OP, but have downsides serious enough to balance them out. In some of the discussions around the living artifact no one could really decide the best use for it, and the same holds true with the vortex cloak. the one-time use of the living artifact severely limits what you can do with it, and the sanity drain plus not being immune to shadow creatures with the vortex cloak also limits it's uses. Of the two new invincibility items, which do you prefer? In usefulness, cool factor, versatility, etc.

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I always have a designated battle arena for RoG seasonal bosses. Outside it I keep a Vortex Cloak stocked with Nightmare Fuel and a chest with Living Artifacts in it. Both make for easy and risk-free kills.

The cloak is probably better for this job since Living Artifacts are one-time use and a hassle to get, but they're also way cooler. It's a shame, really.

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