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  1. Best daily gift ever! This is the first time I've gotten something good from a daily gift, and it's an elegeant for my newly refreshed fav character no less!
  2. I really enjoyed it before without too much complaint, but now the Woodie refresh is superb! I couldn't have asked for more from an update to my favorite character. The new forms are so much fun, not to mention the new skins. Plus now the goose can swim! Or walk on water technically but still, we got pretty much everything we asked for as a community and much more. This is perfect!
  3. spicy voltgoat jelly totally works on the M oose transformation!
  4. Is there a new work theme? It might not be from this update I haven't played in a while, but seriously is it new?
  5. It looks like there are no repercussions for constantly shopping anymore without the log meter. It also seems like transforming will happen much less often.
  6. can you raise the meter once you are in a transformation? Or is it just a fixed time?
  7. How do you enter godmode and have all the recipes unlocked in DST again? I know how to do it in singleplayer but not DST it's not working, also I dunno about the rest of you but my new favorite skin is the rustic cabin!
  8. The first thing I though of were the lion turtles from Avatar
  9. [Game Update] - 333702

    Haven’t we already been down that road? Warbuck is dead, he was replaced with Wheeler. He is now coming back, and I don’t see Klei adding anything new besides maybe some bug fixes and polish like they said. Which is completely fine, Hamlet is a wonderful DLC.
  10. [Game Update] - 333702

    What do you mean? We can't regenerate the world with the other two DLC's? I though that's how that works...
  11. [Game Update] - 333702

    That's true, I remember seeing a lightning bottle something, a firework rocket to stave off hay fever, and a cute plant creature. Although that could all be cut content, it's not like we haven't seen a lot of that over the course of development. With the addition of boss drops, the changes to wheeler and the bramble bulb for lush season, I think the devs delivered. Although, you are right about not much added for seasonal content.
  12. [Game Update] - 333702

    Why would we need to wait? It's out of early access which means no more content, aside from maybe an update or two far off in the future like what happened with Shipwrecked. A lot of new things were added for us to play around with, personally I'm satisfied. Thank you Klei!
  13. [Game Update] - 333702

    Yes, everything is gone... Does this mean I can opt out of the beta, and have all the new content? Or should I wait until later in the day?
  14. HYPE TRAIN!!! I know this had been asked already but I haven't seen it answered, do saves from the Hamlet beta carry over to the released version?