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  1. Lore of item drops?

    If that is true it’s pretty interesting that the devs would have put that little bit of detail into the game.
  2. Which Character do you Main, if any?

    I like Wilbur mostly for the free movement speed. I also very much enjoy playing as Woodie, I simply like his character not necessarily his attributes. I do dislike that whenever I transform, the game skips a day.
  3. QOL update report

    Mostly because bosses and big things like that don't fit in the small quality of life category...
  4. QOL update report

    What feature specifically is everyone most excited for? I'm honestly not very hyped for beefalo's since coffee exists. I am however looking forward to mini signs for organization purposes
  5. In shipwrecked worlds compatible with hamlet crashes are very frequent. For example the volcano is completely inaccessible, due to this. It also happens when you go to the edge of the map and enter the fog. There’s also a crash that happens when ever I get to close to a specific coral reef. I don’t know what’s happening there, but all the crashes make the game very unplayable right now.
  6. I simply can’t craft them the option is removed from the tab entirely. I was next to an alchemy engine and had the materials but I was unable to craft it. I know they are disabled in hamlet and that’s fine, but they are crucial for any boss fights in shipwrecked. Its pretty gamebreaking
  7. after opting out of the beta, and trying it it worked fine like you said. Then I rejoined the beta and it saved all everything so problem solved! A world of thanks to you sir!!
  8. I tried verifying the integrity of the game files and the same thing happens, I don't want to opt out of the beta because I don't know if it will save my progress.
  9. I can run around and play it relatively care, free but whenever I kill a butterfly it crashes. At first I thought it was just picking up items but later figured out it was linked to butterflies. I don't understand it but it's very annoying right now I can't play DST, just The Forge, which is amazing by the way great job guys!! Anyways I hope you can find out why it's doing this, and fix it soon , I really have an itch to play your game!