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Deerclops fail.

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Lol, you just got a medal, for outsmarting deerclops.Bravo!

*bows* Thank you, thank you! I couldn't have done it without the river. Oh and my mom, who was very supportive during this time.And the rabbits who provided food. And a few special beefalo, you know who you are.

Based on absolutely nothing, i think it will go away after winter

Once it is summer and he is not on screen, then he despawns. I tested it.

Yep it did, tis a shame too. I'm going to miss that fine hound eating fellow. :frown:

Looks like Chester's having some issues there himself.

I've developed some form of chest phobia lately, but that's a different story.This almost seems like an exploit though, being camped next to the river here, everything that spawns has a chance of appearing on the other side and getting . . . stuck.Hounds, Chester, even the mighty Deerclops. Perhaps this would be fixed eventually?

Welcome to the Forum! He looks so scrawny with his tiny legs.

Thanks, with all the wonderful feedback and criticism I've been holding in, this fail encounter is what actually motivates me to sign up. :biggrin-new: Edited by RedDeBlu
Too many yep's
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