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  1. Wilson's beard punching him? Yes! I don't know about the other characters but Wilson's beard turning against him would be fair compensation for its current warming effects.
  2. I would like to see, not a thirst meter, not a thirst mechanic, nothing of that sort! But now in the current game, I would like to see perhaps, a juicer? I always wanted to juice my veggies and fruit. <3 Okay yeah the idea of drinkable items tacked on to the food system has already been tossed around, but I'm thinking not making them much of a food refiller, and more of a health/sanity/warmth upper, whiles having very little hunger filling effect if any. This would be interesting, as the drinks in question would be made with the same things you'd normally eat, and you would build a new machine for drink making (New machines are always good). Then you would have to decide between roasting the food for hunger, or juicing/drink making it for health/sanity/what ever else instead. Heck, if this idea is vegetable exclusive, then everything would fit right into a juicer concept and give veggies more use than just crock pot fillers (Yeah I know dragon fruit and what not, but most grown produce isn't useful like that.), and more worth while to grow as opposed to just rabbit hunting and what not. So they said they aren't letting Kevin add anything new to the game, but I would love to see this possibly post launch perhaps, think it would make a lot of sense and help flesh out the current direction as far as food use now.
  3. They just added signs in the game earlier today! I don't know how to make them, or how they work yet, but I think they are the solution.
  4. Actually if you think about it, they can be just as regular as an earthquake or volcano eruption, because they are often caused by earthquakes or volcano eruptions! :OYou know that could be a thing, chance of tsunami after an earthquake or volcano eruption. :PLogic aside, for gameplays sense tsunami is probably the best water hazard that the game could work with. Though with rain coming we don't know what that will have in store for us.
  5. Wow, that's a really neat idea, having some sort of gloves/mittens that take up the tool slot. I would support mittens for warmth but right now, I think we have more then enough warm clothing to go around. Albeit the use of silk and not beefalo wool is still puzzling with current winter garb, again especially since the beefalo hat is superior to the winter hat.
  6. Two hats that both share a similar function, and fuel.I'll ask again, what is it you apparently know that I don't about beefalo wool use? Please, do share these secrets, It would definitely make for a much more compelling argument.Otherwise I believe the thread was about thinking of more uses for beefalo wool, in case you missed it. ______________On that topic, I still believe It would have made more sense to have beefalo wool more apart of warm clothing recipes, and I find It hard to understand the need for so much silk.I like OP's idea of having a cheaper wool clothing alternative, which would have an itchy side effect, what ever that might cause. Insanity loss? Maybe, but I'm not entirely sure..
  7. Well, I was wondering when you were gonna show up. It's been too Quiet around here without Prinny. Ahaha, get it? Quiet? Prinny? Prinny the Quiet? Ahh yeah never mind..
  8. As ridiculous as this sounds, I mean common, aliens? Really?! I actually have to say I really like it and think it would be fun to add to the game.
  9. That is an interesting, albeit complex idea. A natural ecosystem that you can royally screw up! That would also kind of give a bigger reason to jump to the next untainted world, until your arrival that is mwahahahaha!I think a little of this already exist in the game sort of, if you over hunt beefalo, you really do risk driving them extinct. If you pick too many flowers, you risk eliminating the butterfly population. Of course with any nature destructive activity, doing your part in recycling and picking up litter can counteract these things.But what if this happened on a much bigger, more interconnected scale? Like you said, dust bowl, you become your own worse enemy!Like Wendy sometimes says, "I am the destroyer of worlds."
  10. I think this could be as simple as current camp fires, add fuel, wait til they go out. Ha ha ha, you crazy man? Why would anyone want to do that? I'm not really sure of the point of this, but if needed, it could have the whole "big fire, small fire" change that camp fires do. Okay a new specific wall torch recipient using charcoal does sound like a good idea. And I'll hate myself for saying this, but perhaps it should use silk too? Like wrapping a stick in silk to make a more, permanent torch as opposed to simply lighting a stick on fire like current torches.Besides that, I'm not sure extended life is necessary, a single torch almost nearly last the entire night as is, and if you could add fuel to it then its life expectancy is simply equal to the fuel your willing to burn. Edit Thinking: Actually, a sort of flint and tinder for lighting wall torches would be interesting item to have. Especially if it could be used to set fires pretty much anywhere or on anything you want. Though yet standard torches already do this.
  11. And what, pray tell, is it useful for outside of two hats that nearly serve the same purpose?
  12. Indeed, but in the spirit of water hazards I feel tsunamis would be easier/more interesting to implement into the game, visually, mechanically, then say an actual flood. I think it could make a suitable replacement, serving the same purpose while giving a use to walls.. . . On the other hand, I think I could see the current water graphic wooshing back and fourth on land as Wilson stands half deep in it. But what was that meant to do again? *checks OP* Nobody knows yet! I always thought it would pretty much collapse the land it hits and form more impassable ocean. Maybe someone else can come up with a more creative effect that makes sense.
  13. Ouch, what? Why?Okay, maybe I can understand the logic behind that, wanting sanity to be a non issue for early game, and a real issue late game.But I think they need to decrease the methods/effectiveness of regaining it in order to make this work. Or by the least, make you the player work to keep on top of it, like we work to gather food.Like the previous idea Scottiths mentioned, perhaps sleep should be one of the only ways to regain sanity, or at least to regain good amounts of it. Perhaps reduce flower picking, and "all foods" to restore only one apiece?I also just thought, perhaps, having wooden floor and walls around you should make you feel more civilized, and not increase your sanity meter, but rather help negate its drop while your around them! As everyone knows right now they don't really have a use yet, and that kind of makes sense.Speaking of sanity, you know what would be neat? Place able torches on walls, stone walls only for obvious reasons. Let us light up our makeshift house to feel more at home.
  14. Same here, in fact I never took freezing damage at all. The winter clothes still seem like a waste of fine silk to me, which is better used for other purposes anyway.Ya know, ten bucks says the next hot fix is going to nerf the warm beefalo hat.
  15. Dry grass no less, the most fire proof substance in Maxwell's world! I have thought of this myself and, I don't know if they'll get destroyed (chances are not) but the only other downside is having to manually equip and unequip each one to get items in and out. However at a vastly cheaper cost compared to chest, It can be seen as a minor inconvenience.