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How many of them? (Deerclops)

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No, not how many will appear but how many have you killed yet? :Pi killed like 2, 1 with beefaloes, and one with melee (tentacle spike ) (3 boomerangs) (and 4 fire darts)(no challenges, hardcore for me is playing withoutbackuping saves [do some of you guys actually backup your files?{if you do then don't lie about it, very deep inside your heart you know you are a ***** :p}])SCREENSHOTS :p

post-7119-1376459152734_thumb.jpgfirst time with beefaloespost-7119-13764591528461_thumb.jpgdidn't destroy my base after allpost-7119-13764591528781_thumb.jpgOH THE HORROR, POOR BABIES :(post-7119-13764591529096_thumb.jpgyeah i died once :/ the second one's fight was too long,i had no torches or miner hats at all so i died in the nightEDIT:i obviously went back to kill him as soon as i revived

i thought that the game was going to be so hard after the update that it would stop being fun to play,i was WRONG, it is not THAT hard, and its still fun, hounds now are *****es, but still easy to kill if you prepare before they comePS: a day after i killed the second one winter ended

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On the current save I killed it twice.First winter I was away from the base, mining rocks and carrying two bee mines. He lost interest on me after killing the bees and destroying my camp fire. I killed him with a torch and got cooked meat.Second winter I was away from the base, hunting walruses. He spawned off screen and never aggravated me. Killed by fire again but the final blow was not mine. Some ice hound did it and also ate the eye :/Not a good idea to use melee with Wes. He was weak before winter update, now...

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