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  1. I've been getting rpblems with the sheer amount of range that the warrior spider has :/
  2. I hope its some kind of gold armor, since we can gold right now. We might even get a furnace, or use the firepit as one.
  3. I survived through winter. I had 2x deerclops in winter but died to a Spider Queen
  4. To all those who want difficulty, play sandbox. If you say "Well I need adventure mode to unlock options - It isn't supposed to be a walk in the park.
  5. But he respawned right after I killed him.
  6. So yeah, after i killed the first deerclops, with my brave beefalo helping me (Only 2 left, massive amounts of food left). I defeated the Deerclops. So i eat the eyeball and then then the **** hits the fan. At night it's "summer" or early spring and it starts snowing and getting very cold. I was like o_o. Then at day i heard the deerclops groans. I start sending steam messages to my friend. So Deerclops could spawn back to back :/. That isn't good for me. I managed to beat the other one without fire darts or anything. It's finally summer, survived Deerclops x2 and have massive amounts of meat and 2 crockpots... also survived winter. Why did Deerrclops spawn twice in a row for me?
  7. When?I want to have him fight my full grown treeguard and beefalo company.