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This game definitely needs a tutorial, just to cover the basics of day 1, if you started having no idea what the game was you would just hate it because you'd die by day 2

but you are supposed to learn by yourself in the first place, the game is made to be like this. If people can't even survive to day 2 they can cheat go to the wiki
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I disagree.The gameplay tutorial for me worked out like this, "What's with these tabs, oh, I can build stuff. I think I'll build an axe." etc. I actually watched a guy playing this without telling him about it and he died to the grue because he didn't look around on his screen, like at all. He just collected stuff and didn't think about the next logical step. He did better the second time, we invented a pretty fun betting game about it.I do think there should be a thing that tells the player the buttons and actions though. Like, anytime they pause the game the button mappings come up. And the first "How long will you survive" title should have the wasd and esc button is pause.

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Actually the fun is in how you progressively learn everything over time.Sure first few times you would definitely die but believe me its more satisfying when you suddenly realize the days you survive is getting longer as you play more and more.Now I havent reached 50+ days, my personal best was 40 I think and with the Winter patch around 30 but from what I read from other people its gets boring once you reached the 100, 200 day mark most probably because by that time you already got everything figured out.Now Klei at this point is nearing the end game so most probably they're already thinking of how to make the latter part of the game interesting and still challenging so looking forward to that.Just enjoy the ride, just play and you'll get the hang of things soon,cherish the moment you die for those are the times that are most enjoyable and fulfilling knowing you can do better next time.*You could always consult the wiki if you get stuck or something,and also there's already a number of people who did a Let's Play of the game over at You tube, those might help too to get some tips and tricks on how they go about things.

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