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  1. Actually the fun is in how you progressively learn everything over time.Sure first few times you would definitely die but believe me its more satisfying when you suddenly realize the days you survive is getting longer as you play more and more.Now I havent reached 50+ days, my personal best was 40 I think and with the Winter patch around 30 but from what I read from other people its gets boring once you reached the 100, 200 day mark most probably because by that time you already got everything figured out.Now Klei at this point is nearing the end game so most probably they're already thinking of how to make the latter part of the game interesting and still challenging so looking forward to that.Just enjoy the ride, just play and you'll get the hang of things soon,cherish the moment you die for those are the times that are most enjoyable and fulfilling knowing you can do better next time.*You could always consult the wiki if you get stuck or something,and also there's already a number of people who did a Let's Play of the game over at You tube, those might help too to get some tips and tricks on how they go about things.
  2. The first time I saw a gobbler pop out of the cherry bush-pricelessAnd also the catchy main soundtrack,I couldnt get it out of my head the first time I heard it.
  3. Your post is a bit confusing,title says you have torchlight2 and you want don't starve but your post says the opposite.So which is which?
  4. Oh so toothtraps breaks aggro now I know.If only I knew about this sooner haha I'm going about my usual stuff on my 34th day and then bam 2 treeguards,1 small one and a very large one.I get to kill the small one but the large one got me with a swing.Oh well, I did break through the 30 day barrier though and unlocked a character so its a good consolation for dying.I'll get them next time haha
  5. Well you can't be choosy when trying to survive in the wild I like the idea of fave food,maybe just give bonuses to different characters when they eat those.
  6. +1 for mount idea but like quicksave said made it such that you need to tame them first, have some sort of bait or something and have it a chance thing.Basically just make it challenging to get.And also if ever give the mount life , hunger and sanity meters too..So to balance the benefit of having movement bonus players basically have 2 mouths to feed.When hungry they slow down and when sanity meters go down they run around uncontrollably.
  7. I have suggested something similar to my thread but my take on it was this.In sandbox mode,You get to play the exact world the previous player died in.The goal is to beat the days the previous player had,and you get to find some sort of journal on the spot where he died.In this journal the previous player can put a note or something for the next player to read,dunno maybe some tips or something .Minimum days can be implemented so that people won't spam posting below 10 days worlds or something..
  8. Dont Starve Steam gift for 2x Dota 2 gift *READ- No red text,Must be usable in China.My steamid is - mrpangahas
  9. So I just got the game and I've logged in a total of 6 hours as of this post according to Steam.Its been enjoyable and I must say the aesthetic and the overall feel of the game is just great!The art direction and the audio are actually the main selling point for me.As for the gameplay, its actually pretty damn good.I like that the survival aspect of it isn't so realistic, which in turn together with the unique aesthetic makes it stand out.The rogue like mechanic might be an issue with other players but I guess it fits the how long can you survive theme of the game.Its craziness is its charm If I may say.Here a a couple of suggestions:1.Add a compass or a North indicator maybe somewhere in the sundial or lower right on the map icon or within the map window itself.I tend to rotate the map especially when some objects blocks my view when picking up objects so it would be very helpful if there's an indicator somewhere so I can quickly orient myself.2.Be able to add notes on the map to indicate points of interest for easy navigation and orientation.3.I have been using Willow and often I would intentionally set trees on fire.I would like to be able to cook food in burning trees/foliage.:)4.Be able to cook items all at once instead of having to cook them one a time.The hold shift mechanic to drop all items at once can be used for this.5.I have read this being suggested on of the threads but I would like to be able to see stats like- how many rabbits killed,trees chopped etc. Maybe an item yo ucan build perhaps a journal which records such statistics.And now for the alternative to multiplayer function:I don't know how easy or hard it is to implement something like this in comparison to multiplayer mode.I mean if its doable without having to redo codes etc.But I'am suggesting a mode wherein players would be able to save the map they were on during sandbox mode.Well when you die, the world you were playing can be saved and can be played on by other players.Now the point is that you have to beat the previous players record of days survived.The Journal idea can also be utilized here.When a new player plays the map, the previous player's journal can be found on the area where he died.So the new player can pick it up and see how the previous player did in the days that he survived.Perhaps the player who posted the map and subsequent players who can beat the record will be given the option to put a message or note for the next player to read, I don't know maybe tips like "Beefalos can be found to the east" or "You sure you can survive for how long I survived?" Something like that.Now to regulate a surge of people posting maps,maybe a minimum days requirement can be implemented,maybe like 30+?So yeah these are just some of the things I Can suggest.Overall its been an enjoyable experience and I could see myself playing these for hours and hours.Looking forward to future updates.