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  1. Ah no! It needs a tutorial like it needs to be a multi player RTS.
  2. Drink booze, meet attractive other person on the island and socialize with them.. Wake up covered in spider bites next to a spider nest that someone violated. Swear that this time you really really mean it when you say "I will never drink again!". Go on a hard bender and wake up in the kingdom of the bunny men.
  3. Have you not researched Axe Body Spray yet? They are crazy for the stuff.
  4. Or they could add free Beefalo meat vending machines.... Oh and an EZ chair! and a TV! If you are that worried, whack one during the day and then run pell mell into the swamp. Then run around until the whole herd has found something more interesting to do. Later come back and pick up meat and spiked clubs.
  5. It seems to bypass the "survival" aspect of the game and has been mentioned, turn the game into Farmville. For a night excursion bring some food, stone and logs and just create a new fire ring. My first night on the island I like to set up my normal log fire right next to a spider nest, so I can spend the night playing "spider party" and have some silk for continuing my journey the next day.
  6. It doesn't make much sense. I'm not for using things that make no sense just to add difficulty, drama, etc. The suspension of disbelief just gets difficult at that point. I lived as a carnivore for several years and the worst that happened was I lost 3d vision at night (the vitamin A deficiency was fixed with a multi vitamin). A vegan with a carefully tailored diet can go meat free without encountering life threatening issues. You could probably live a long life (long by "abandoned on an island" standards) on just tacos or pizza or Big Macs, or rare beefalo steaks. Everyone knows that the Beefeaters get their strengths and aggression from the meat they eat.
  7. The problem I see with projectile weapons is that unless you give them a silly short range, say 3-4" on a 21" monitor (or whatever the range on a tentacle is) what you do is create and EZ mode for farming the most powerful melee weapon in the game (not to mention any other drops), as well as remove the "Uh oh, a swamp" aspect. The other issue is that range in general can easily become OP in a melee world. The dart gun gets past this by having very limited ammo and not stacking. So it is good for the occasional gooble but is not good for wandering around exploring or taking out spider nests. Once you are into the world of quiver fulls of arrows you are OP. Now the throwing spear that was mentioned is 1 shot until retrieved and I'm assuming would not stack. If it is costly (say spear + some crow feathers), low damage, and cannot be retrieved until the critter it is stuck in is dead this might help prevent tentacle farming with it. I've played Magicka, it is a fun group game!
  8. Or riding pig men! Imagine Wilson riding around on one's shoulders. Now imagine Wilson yelling "Who rule Bartertown?!" while he does it.
  9. I like not being able to tell their genders, it adds a certain amount of *risk* to milking them.
  10. I'm convinced that there is no need for it. Simply put, disease is an affliction of the lower classes. Many times Wilson has fought and been been bitten by werepigs and yet he has never contracted porkanthropy. He does not go crazy every full moon, trash the camp, attack local wildlife, and eat all his food. Wilson has also not woken up in the woods dressed only in his scandalous birthday suit and sporting only a set of roguish mutton chops that mark him as afflicted. I am convinced that the imbalance of humors that causes porkanthropy only affects the common peasants such as the pig men Wilson been forced to dispatch as a remedy to their affliction. After looking through a few pages I have not seen porkanthropy suggested.. though I suspect it has been suggested many times and if I dug in further I would find the suggestions.
  11. WoW syndrome. Players wanting their character to have the perks of other characters, diminishes all the characters. It is generally a disaster when devs do this. Though it would be funny to have the girls growing beards.
  12. I saw a trailer called "Don't Starve" on Steam and though "I don't have a game that involves not starving!". I saw the Tim Burtonesque art and though "I need this!" and that was that.