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  1. Here's what happened, I have another YouTube Channel and people were stealing my videos and re-uploading them. And like any YouTuber, I used YouTube's copyright system to help get those videos removed. But after I submitted my claims. They said I entered a fake name and address, which I didn't. After that happened, they took that channel down and my main channel. I have filed two appeals for each channel. But I haven't gotten any news back. Now I have no idea what to do, if anyone knows anyone who works at YouTube. Who can help me out with this. I would really approach it. If you guys have any suggestions on what I should do next, please let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read this and all the support. Over the years and I hope you have a great day. Skull24
  2. Dont starve youtuber

    hi im watching daily some dont starve youtuber like: DemonRebuilt Jazzy´s Games they upload evry day new parts of their playthroughs. also some youtubers which dont make playthrougs but tipps and tricks videos or lore or funny things about DS: James Bucket Sugawolf TheBeard777 RazingHel Zeklo Lakurion Freddo Films Edgy Rick Lakhnish Monster Skull24 Glermz Volx Swanky Psammead Kynoox KoreanWaffles Quartzeri i havent found anything about youtuber in this forum so i thought i post the ones i watch and you can add yours
  3. Hey, two friends of mine, and I, put together some videos of us playing Don't Starve together. We've produced two so far, and are looking for feedback. I am aware of the background noise, we know who that's from, and we're going to try and resolve that issue. Some advice is appreciated for editing as well as this was the first time I ever edited with premiere pro. Episode 1: Episode 2: A big thank you to anyone who bothers to watch and leave feedback.
  4. Check out episode 9 of my playthrough it's a good one and well worth the watch! Feedback is also greatly appreciated!
  5. Hey guys! The subreddit seems to hate people posting LPs (wut?), so here goes nothing. I recently just started a Let's Play series on Don't starve! Feel free to check it out! I'd also like some recommendations on what I should be doing in the game. Thaaaanks! Ep. 2
  6. Hey buds! Check out my Don't Starve series, any kind of feedback, comments, likes and subscribes are really helpful and appreciated!
  7. Hey everybody! I'm an older gamer and podcaster, been streaming and doing let's play videos for a while now, but my usual games started to feel stale. I enjoy survival games in general, and decided to make Don't Starve my first game in the "Survival Series." It also gave me an excuse to return to the game, as I hadn't really played much since caves were introduced. Some of the things that changed bewildered or confused me, but I had a lot of fun recording this series, now collected into a convenient YouTube playlist. Enjoy, and leave me a comment if you came from these forums. I'll be watching this thread, though my preferred status in game forums is "lurk much, talk little."
  8. It appears Don't Starve remixes are a thing now Listen at your own risk
  9. We are still here! :D

    Hi there everyone! So it is Cazzzy here again from Just a Boy and a Girl Gaming. I basically just wanted to let you all know/remind people that we are still running our A Noob Plays Don't Starve series and that we have released a new video today! Give it a watch here: Has IcyVenom got any better at playing? Have I exploded and killed him yet due to his incompetence? Have a look and see. Also a big shout out to all the people who gave me useful hints and tips, thank you all. As ever and comments and feedback are welcome and we are always trying to improve our videos and make them more entertaining to watch, so do get in touch, Hope to hear from you all soon, and enjoy. Cazzzy
  10. Hello, this is Knoodles from NorthLabs. We've recently started up the channel again, and I've wanted to do a let's play of Don't Starve for a while now. So, I thought, once it's uploaded, why not advertise it on their forums. So, here I am And, here's the video! Hope you enjoy the video, maybe comment like and subscribe. Thank you for your time ! Knoodes. x
  11. Don't Starve Lets play!

    Hey guys im gonna be doing a lets play on dont starve there will be enthusiastic live commantaries that will keep you interested im not the best of players so expect some raging and restarts xD i hope you check out my channel and watch the videos i will do one video a day as my limmit and if you want to help me with anything during the lets play drop a comment and i will read every single one peace out guys have fun Link:
  12. FaceCam PlayThrough!

  13. http-~~-// Defend against some demon dogs, kill some spiders, and gather supplies.Intro & Outro: TeknoAXETracks: TeknoAXETrack #1 : War Drums of the Far EastTrack #2 : I Am a MonsterTrack #3 : Wyatt Earp Doesn't Mess Around
  14. Hey everyone! come check out my first ever let's play series! let me know how i did in the comments and give it a like it really does help a lot! Here is a look the video -----> Thanks everyone!-Tarzan
  15. Hey guys, my name is Phil and im a brand new youtuber. I've decided to start my very first series on Don't Starve, and was hoping to get some feedback on it. Any feedback on how I can improve is much appreciated thank you.
  16. I Cant Make Videos With FRAPS

    I was making a Don't Starve LP when fraps wasn't working. I had skype on so i closed it. But then i still have problems PLZ HELP!
  17. HiI have had a let's play channel for a while but started playing Don't starve.I will release an episode a day in which i play two in-game days per episode.So head on over and let me know what you think.Click here for Episode 1Click here for Episode 2I will update you every few days on the latest EpisodesYour Doogel
  18. Hello hello! White Elefants here. 30 Years old. First time posting gameplays on YouTube. I'd love it if you have the time to check out my videos and tell me what you like/don't like about them. I've started with Don't Starve as my first play through, but I'm going to branch out into other games as well. Some of the ones I have in mind are: Terraria, Minecraft, Skyrim, BioShock Infinite, Borderlands 2....etc. is the link to my first episode in my series: I'm currently uploading my 5th video, and have 5 more in the quiver. I'm looking at a daily upload schedule as of now. It's so much fun for me to record, that I'll do 2-4 in one sitting. So expect many more in the future. I hope to take any feedback and translate that into a more entertaining video. Thanks! -Matt- The White Elefant
  19. Art Contest

    I am assuming this is inactive? Since the last time it was posted on was 2012.
  20. Hey guys, my friend and I have a YouTube channel and I started a series of Don't Starve. The first series was with WX-78, which is on the channel if you're interested, but I died fairly quickly and I think this series is stronger. So here it is! Episode 1!
  21. A new series arises - Don't Starve! Join me in this wacky world of survival and death where I must try my best so I DON'T STARVE! This is the first part of many and this includes me; looking around the world, coming across pigs and other DISTURBING THINGS, beefalos, wormholes! (This is not in order )I hope you enjoy the first part of many to come and I hope you stick around!Thanks for reading!Video:
  22. Army of Treeguards :O

    Decided to start a game with Wendy while playing I noticed a Treeguard when I went to investigate more there was a whole bunch of them ha
  23. In this playthrough I'm going to show you how to survive the first 50 days my way I also find 2 Mandrake