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[Mod Lore] SCP-049 Incident Report

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This is entirely made to give lore/backstory to the mod "SCP-049" (made by me). You won't have as much enjoyment reading this if you are not a fan of the SCP franchise.

Also, this counts as art shut up. (i couldnt tell whether to post this here or in the mods section, but because this is technically more of me showing off something art-related more than me plugging my mod, I ultimately decided to post it here. Also don't worry, there's still Don't Starve references to get.)

Addendum 049.58: 2/22/20██ incident
In the process of a cross-testing event in between SCP-049 and the newly obtained SCP-████, a power-outage occurred for approximately 17 seconds, before coming back on. SCP-049 was not observed in the test chamber and was never found. SCP-049 is deemed to be MIA. Neutralized Classification is pending.
The following is a log of the cross-testing event in it's entirety.


Subjects: SCP-049, SCP-████
Preface: SCP-████ appears to be a radio manufactured from the ██████ company. The radio broadcasts a voice that is seemingly omnipotent, and is aware of the radio's surroundings. Approximately 3 days before testing occurred, the voice asked to speak with "The Plague Doctor" and in return give what it calls "Forbidden Knowledge.", and ceased to speak until 05 command granted access for cross-testing between SCP-████ and SCP-049, which was what foundation staff assumed to be what the radio was referring to. SCP-049 was transported to site-██, and cross-testing began.
(SCP-049 is brought into the test chamber, secured in a Class III Humanoid Restriction Harness, and accompanied by two (2) armed guards. In the middle of the room is SCP-████ on a one (1) meter by one (1) meter wooden table.)
SCP-████: Ah, the man I was looking for. Is all well, doctor?
SCP-049: Who are you?
SCP-████: My name is not relevant. All that matters is your righteous goal of curing the Pestilence.
SCP-049: I sense a touch of mockery in your voice, good, er, thing. (SCP-049 turns his head towards the observation window.) What is this, exactly?
SCP-████: I mean no harm, your efforts are respectable. However, your cure is not perfect. I can help with that.
SCP-049: Pardon me, but how could you help me in my cure efforts?
SCP-████: I have access to forbidden knowledge, knowledge that even you do not possess. Within it is the key to perfection.
(SCP-049 is silent.)
SCP-████: I can tell you are rightfully wary of trusting a stranger. But wouldn't you agree that risks need to be taken for the sake of humanity?
SCP-049: (Brief pause before taking a deep sigh) Describe this "forbidden knowledge."
SCP-████: Say pal, you're getting ahead of things. Who knows what could happen if I say this out loud. Imagine what would happen if They got a hold of what I'm about to tell you. Their poor, feeble minds wouldn't be able to comprehend a word, and they'd be sent sprawling into insanity!
SCP-049: (Looks to the observation window before looking back to SCP-████) What are you expecting me to do?
SCP-████: Put your hand on top of this radio.
(Attending Researcher's Note: Shortly after this, testing was temporarily halted to test for any anomalous effects that might occur upon contact with the radio. After brief testing and analysis, SCP-049 was reintroduced to SCP-████.)
SCP-049: (Takes a deep breath) Alright, I will cooperate.
(SCP-049 attempts to hold out his hand, but the harness is preventing him from doing so. The respective guard allows SCP-049 to hold his hand up as both guards allow SCP-049 to approach the radio.)
SCP-████: Do it for the cure, doctor.
(SCP-049 hesitates before warily putting his hand on the roof of the radio. Upon immediate contact, dark figures started to take form around the radio, in the shape of claw-like hands. The present guards attempted to extract SCP-049 from the test chamber but were unsuccessful. The dark figures engulfed SCP-049's entire person as a power-outage occurred in the test chamber. Approximately 17 second pass before power is restored. SCP-049 is nowhere to be seen, and the dark figures have disappeared. SCP-049 was deemed missing, and a facility-wide code red was issued.)




You can play as SCP-049 here:

Singleplayer: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1663540284

DST: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1847716441



The Story Continues...


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