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[Game Update] - 320111

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  • Wortox Has Arrived!
  • Wortox catches the Souls of creatures that die around him.
    • Souls can be used for the following abilities:
    • Wortox can eat delicious Souls (then loses some sanity).
    • Wortox teleports a short distance.
    • Release Souls to heal nearby allies.
  • Unfortunately for Wortox, his body craves Souls.  Food is only ½ as sustaining.
  • Wortox can be overloaded with Souls, causing him to drop them and lose sanity.
  • Wortox is less afraid of monsters.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Fire Staff could be casted on a Night Light, resulting in a crash.
  • Fixed bug where murdering a stack of creatures only counted as one kill.
  • Fixed bug with burnt Deciduous Trees and stumps not decaying over time like other trees do.

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Everyone's hyped about Wortox, meanwhile I'm like "[Game Update] - 320033 - oh that's almost symmetrical... why couldn't Klei push the version 320023..."

But I glad we got Wortox before the stream, now I can try him too without having to wait till midnight.

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wortox = "The Soul Starved",
wortox = "\"Pardon me if I don't shake your hand.\"",
wortox = "*Is an imp \n*Can hop through time and space \n*Less nourished by physical food",



Wortox Portraits & Quotes


The Minotaur
wortox_minotaur = "\"Won't you visit me at the heart of the labyrinth?\"",


The Uncorrupted
wortox_original = "\"Ol'Kramps says my powers should grow in soon. Hyuyu!\"",

The Survivor
wortox_survivor = "\"Try not to cower in fear, my dear!\"",

Portal / Soul


 wortox_portal.gif.e7cf17a8b58c7a11bb1ab69dd67d788d.gif wortox_soul_ball.gif.cb89c31a315680d547d29ace055e40b7.gif


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