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  1. Good to know Winona was reworked and we have an official healer! Could we please see split-screen and tick rate set to 60 by default soon? Thanks!
  2. This update made every single texture in the game extremelly blurry no matter the resolution even with small textures disabled, as soon as I started the game.
  3. Try deleting download cache or changing download region, it may be just Steam's servers.
  4. I like this thread because I can just say something with the lowest amount of effort possible and people will still like it anyways which increases my reputation and feeds my ego.
  5. Actually it's Microsoft's fault, they dropped XP & Vista support so since it's own creator did so there's no real reason for everyone else to keep giving it support. But to be fair it scares me to think that one day, Microsoft will force us to use Operative Systems with a bunch of unnecessary and annoying unstoppable options. Dang it...
  6. This is from Woodie's prefab file, you can likely adapt it to yourself. local BEAVER_DIET = { FOODTYPE.WOOD, FOODTYPE.ROUGHAGE, } local function RightClickPicker(inst, target) if target ~= nil and target ~= inst then for i, v in ipairs(BEAVER_DIET) do if target:HasTag("edible_"..v) then return inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.EAT }, target, nil) end end return (target:HasTag("HAMMER_workable") and inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.HAMMER }, target, nil)) or (target:HasTag("DIG_workable") and target:HasTag("sign") and inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.DIG }, target, nil)) or nil end end inst.components.eater:SetDiet(BEAVER_DIET, BEAVER_DIET) From Log's prefab file: inst:AddComponent("edible") inst.components.edible.foodtype = FOODTYPE.WOOD inst.components.edible.woodiness = 10 inst.components.edible.healthvalue = 0 inst.components.edible.hungervalue = 0
  7. hold on... In comics it's the person at the left that speaks first, but you made it right... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! CAN'T YOU THINK ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES?! NOW NOBODY IN THIS THREAD WILL BE BORN AND TIME WILL BE CHANGED, AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!
  8. Oh I can tell, I can REALLY tell.
  9. Update: Jul 2 @ 4:02pm - VUP5HO0 -Added Italian Translation. -Removed some unneeded code. -Fixed possible crash regarding important deaths and Greek & Turkish translations. -Added a configurable sound player, currently only for important deaths (Disabled by default). -All languages are described in english on hover now. -Date updated and version is described in-game now. -Version formula changed to up(date), number, ho(tfix), number. -Updated workshop preview image. Update: Jun 15 @ 11:18am - V0.0.5 -Added Turkish and Greek translations. -Announcements are now also printed in the console. Update: Apr 30 @ 4:07pm - V0.0.4 Added configuration options on what can and what cannot be announced (Click the gear in your server mods page, or check the modoverrides.lua discussion thread.)
  10. I'll go prepare the wedding.
  11. Hey everyone, check out my Discord Server "Resi's Workshop" found here: I will be posting sneak peeks of my work from time to time, and I'm also looking for a volunteer Administrator and 2 volunteer Moderators! With that said I'm working on V0.0.4!
  12. In the "Meet The Heavy" trailer for Team Fortress 2 Heavy says "It costs four hundred dollars to fire this weapon for twelve seconds." and I say a good chance to say an adaptation to Don't Starve Together after you said that. Now THAT is pure evil.
  13. "It costs Four hundred dollars to wear this Webber skin for 12 seconds..."