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  1. Thank you so much, you're a life saver!! How can I thank you?
  2. It shouldn't look like both because it would be confusing.
  3. Haha, thanks for telling me but I already got a hand out of it, the N++ suggestion is extremelly amazing so props to you for that, thanks.
  4. Hi, I haven't been able to succeed in my past two threads, so I'm gonna try something else: My question is in the title, here are the properties I need: prod.components.burnable prod.components.container prod.components.crop prod.components.dryer prod.components.harvestable prod.components.machine prod.components.wardrobe prod.components.sleepingbag prod.components.deployable I hope you guys don't mind but ima tag a few modders to see if they can help me, because I have tried a bunch of times and got crashes so eventually I gave up with the old methods, and the code AlainMCD gave me didn't work: @alainmcd @JohnWatson
  5. Scroll down to Transitioning from Don't Starve to Don't Starve Together But do the steps from DST to DS instead.
  6. So I would like to get into more serious DST modding, but my mod was pretty much assed. For all of you frequent modders, where did you learn LUA? Where do you suggest I learn it? What's a good place to learn it by practice as a free online course? Thanks in advance.
  7. What Winona Should Have Been.

    I'm talking about a vehicle, here's a reworked idea for it: - Portable, 1 day of durability that can be completely refilled with a moonstone. - Collects things on touch (not an aura like the amulet) - Incoming attacks reduce 3% durability but the vehicle has no aggro at all. - Player can use hand slot items and give items to players. - Shakeness: Attacks shake the vehicle making Winona fall off. With this Winona would be an alternative collector/explorer, which would go well with her shorter building cooldown.
  8. What Winona Should Have Been.

    Traveling is definitely a better idea, we need her to actually be reworked like that, perhaps even be able to come with a second player. Definitely not faster than a beefalo but should have a little bit HP since it wouldn't need to be tamed, maybe make it portable like the surfing board. You know I think this thread will soon become beautiful.
  9. First they actually add Winona, now they actually add Rose skins. What's next? Health scaling?
  10. what operating system does wx run on

    MacOS, he's narcissistic and egotistic.