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  1. [Mod] Better Insulated Pack

    But Chester is a follower and you are justifying it just because it's already possible somewhere else, but I can understand the piggyback, I feel like Krampus' is deserving since it's a 1% chance that requires time while the insulating pack is a guaranteed craftable when one defeats the bearger.... or follows them for a while.
  2. [Mod] Better Insulated Pack

    Now it's too op, I can just filll it with thermal stones now. Also it's burnable because the backpack is burnable.
  3. That the forums is not as popular as the playerbase so the people who are more involved with Klei will be able to know what is going on while everybody else is confused.
  4. All voice instruments are random and all dialogue is replaced with Wilbur's. Wes shall prevail.
  5. The problem is that the point of having cosmetics is to show off, look different than other people, want to look in a specific way. There's no point in having cosmetics if nobody is around to see you since it's the single player version.
  6. Winona Rework

    Actually I posted this in Don't Starve instead of the Don't Starve Together sub-forum so I take my words back, @ImDaMisterL halp pls
  7. Max Sanity reduced to 150. Special Crafting items allowed to everyone via Potter's Wheel with the same recipe and stay storable instead of carriable. All Sanity increasing sources are 50% less effective (Includes sanity auras, food, sleeping, etc.) Trusty Tape recipe changed to: 1 Tentacle Pelt, 2 Silk, 4 Grass. Demolishing gives 25% more items of what they took to make but still not all Repairing walls repairs 10% more with all items than what they originally do. Doesn't start with Trusty Tapes. New perks text for character selection: Is a skilled Builder. Has a harder to cure mentality. Reasoning: The Trusty Tape takes away the traveling/time consumption of waiting for hounds to arrive and hoping to get the items or going to the desert and protecting yourself from possible sandstorms/dragonfly or moving whatever resources you need there. The recipe is extremelly easy, this new recipe gives the player another place to get items to repair if the non-renewable hound spawns have been destroyed or you don't want hounds to arrive or a similar case. Winona's structures are decorative so I've given her more base-oriented and lore-friendly skills, either way, please remember that Balance > Lore. A better idea is to create lore and balance around that lore in the game's realism and not real realism for example for obvious reasons. These skills also go well with the faster crafting speed. The one-shot Charlie dodge isn't useful, so base-building abilities have been given instead, for the risk, for players that want to stay sane recover sanity harder to compensate around the abilities that she has in this suggestion. Max Sanity has also been decreased to keep Winona players aware of the issue. The Trusty Tape has been forced to craftable only but should remain always available to craft due to incoming Winonas in portals having the possibility of repairing mid/late-game/hard-to-get items when players lack stuff to repair and the tape is actually pretty repairing. This is specially important in public servers where anyone can hop in regardless of the time. --- I want other people to tell me what they think with replies before asking @ImDaMisterL to move this to suggestions, for the time being, I request this thread to remain here unmoved to see what others have to say about this.
  8. It feels like they are preparing for something.
  9. Check the forum's announcements.
  10. Tbh every single videogame character I can customize cosmetically wears way more than I do in real life.
  11. Donke's Thread (continued)

    I like to say I have an order in my disorder.