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  1. Did you even read the thread? The game belongs to Klei, not Valve, Valve can only give them permission to implement the system, and the ones that approve the cosmetics being in would still be Klei. The unusual/crate whole thing is not obligatory, they just decide to add it, there's no need to be paranoid about it anyway, there are not many cosmetics and they haven't added many with their updates. If they wanted to milk us with skins,they would have already done so when the opportunity for it was available, and as lots of people have said before, Klei has a "respectable" reputation. They are aware of this. They wouldn't want to ruin it. Compared to Valve, Klei has proved that they care, and giving them this wouldn't change anything. Money doesn't change people, the wrong people change with money in their hands. Klei isn't gonna do that anytime soon.
  2. Could be done like Team Fortress 2, the creators of the items get it instantly but they're an exclusive rarity called "Self-Made" that when inspected/seen on inventory says "I made this item!". It can't be traded and I think it also has an exclusive "sparkle" effect.
  3. I just thought if we could get a separate workshop page for skins similar to Team Fortress 2/Unturned where people can submit their own skins and forum mods like @ImDaMisterL could be given permissions to it so the developers don't have to take care of it, if you aren't familiar with this system in other games, it would be like this: 1: Creator submits skin to the workshop with preview images and a way to preview them in-game 2: The ones in charge of approving them (In this case as I suggested forum games) test them and if they work, they get added to the game. 3: Part of the money is given to the creator in addition of the others that do.
  4. Shipwreck in DST?

    Having both is a better idea to be honest.
  5. You can't lie to me, I am the one who is supossed to do that. By the way, we got an update for rose skins a few hours ago.
  6. Excellent, the moderator is under my control, now to proceed for further manipulation to give myself unlimited skins obtained every 10 seconds that are always in the elegant tier.
  7. Hi, it has come to my attention that Klei has added human meat to the game previously but has removed it due to it being too macabre. However, human meat turned out to give a big penalty to health and Sanity. WX-78 is able to eat gears while upgrading it's own maximum stats and increasing it's current stats heavily. This is WX-78's inspection dialogue with gears that still exists to this day. Robot equality is a serious problem as an incountable amount of robot lives are ended by disrespectful humans everyday. Here are some more examples of the pain that robots receive everyday: So I personally think Klei should go on and give robots some respect in their videogame so they arent traumatized in videogames where people go to have a good time for them to get scared of such macabre cannibalism. Please give me your thoughts.
  8. Actually it's Microsoft's fault, they dropped XP & Vista support so since it's own creator did so there's no real reason for everyone else to keep giving it support. But to be fair it scares me to think that one day, Microsoft will force us to use Operative Systems with a bunch of unnecessary and annoying unstoppable options. Dang it...
  9. Looks like Bear Grylls has some competence.
  10. Instead of a card game how about a party/board game?
  11. To me Deerclops was holding the most painful groan to the end since it tries to be agressive to almost everything and thus would want to look threatening.
  12. This is from Woodie's prefab file, you can likely adapt it to yourself. local BEAVER_DIET = { FOODTYPE.WOOD, FOODTYPE.ROUGHAGE, } local function RightClickPicker(inst, target) if target ~= nil and target ~= inst then for i, v in ipairs(BEAVER_DIET) do if target:HasTag("edible_"..v) then return inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.EAT }, target, nil) end end return (target:HasTag("HAMMER_workable") and inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.HAMMER }, target, nil)) or (target:HasTag("DIG_workable") and target:HasTag("sign") and inst.components.playeractionpicker:SortActionList({ ACTIONS.DIG }, target, nil)) or nil end end inst.components.eater:SetDiet(BEAVER_DIET, BEAVER_DIET) From Log's prefab file: inst:AddComponent("edible") inst.components.edible.foodtype = FOODTYPE.WOOD inst.components.edible.woodiness = 10 inst.components.edible.healthvalue = 0 inst.components.edible.hungervalue = 0
  13. [DST] Ganja Mod

    hold on... In comics it's the person at the left that speaks first, but you made it right... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! CAN'T YOU THINK ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES?! NOW NOBODY IN THIS THREAD WILL BE BORN AND TIME WILL BE CHANGED, AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!