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  1. Tiny bump due to activity going too fast and so this thread doesn't die, I'll remove this after a reply.
  2. Sorry but can you please show some examples me to understand?
  3. Hi, I'm considering returning to modding, but I haven't got myself really well in LUA, programming and DST just yet. I have this mod this nice little simple mod The problem is when the server is restarted, the tags are lost. Could someone please explain to me how to make a data file that could then be re-used at any given time for the tags to be kept thus making the announcements display even after resets? Please provide examples if possible. Huge thanks in advance.
  4. What do you think about this one?
  5. Or we could instead help you get one instead, what's your budget limit?
  6. I wonder if he would have a conversation with a stranger in the first place being a famous YouTuber.
  7. Because my internet is constantly terrible and I felt like sharing my thoughts instead of editing the OP for the time being, and I was sleepy in that moment. I already told you this.
  8. You simply open the setup and let them install tehn open the game, they should be .exe or .msi files if youre using Windows.
  9. Try deleting download cache or changing download region, it may be just Steam's servers.
  10. Noobs are players that are terrible at the game even with an amount of time spent into it, you're looking for the world "Newbies", Newbies are just new and might improve.
  11. That's because this is the correct one:
  12. I don't see why not, it's an RPG.
  13. How about a Dark Sword skin that is just a ban hammer exclusive to admins and follows lucy-like rules for normal users?
  14. This is one of those tiny yet great suggestions that you rarely see nowadays. +1.