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Buttery Butterflies

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I use the regular traps over and around flower patches to catch butterflies to get butterfly wings to make Butter Muffins. I used the bug net to catch about ten butterflies to MAKE that flower patch (if you catch live butterflies with the bug net, you can "plant" them to make flowers wherever you want!). I noticed that I tend to grow carrots quite often, so butter muffins a plenty! But, I was checking my trap today and I got some butter! I was really surprised as I didn't even know that you COULD get that item. I'm very curious to know what to make with it. Perhaps I'll wait until I get a few more pats of butter before trying it out. I wonder what would you would get if you put four pats of butter in the crock pot -- THE PAULA DEEN SPECIAL

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There is a thread about recipies here. It is slightly outdated, nowadays u cant use all those things listed under "filler" anymore. Grass and such are all no longer fillers, i believe only sticks, seeds and petals are now still able to be used as filler.

As for the butter, i have 3 butter and 27 butterfly wings, so for me the butter drop chance is 1/10 so far. They never drop both at the same time, only 1 of them. I havent tested butter yet to get a recipe or something. 2 lazy so far lol

And btw how do u use a bugnet to get butterfly wings or butter? I dont get that. I have to axe them or trap them, if i catch them with the net, i only get butterflies that i can plant for flowers or drop on the ground. Havent found a way to "slaughter" them in my inventory to make em drop wings or butter.

It is also annoying that u dont attack butterflies automatically with ctrl+space. Instead i keep picking up the flowers, which is NOT what i wanna do.

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Its ur cwute wittle penguin picture. I just cannot resist it.

Also i just noticed the first post of the thread does not have all current recipies in it either, for example the stuffed eggplant one: eggplant+at least 1 veggie. There are some exceptions to this, for example the dragon fruit seems to be prioritized over the eggplant, but it definately works with carrots and corn.

Lets see if the OP gets updated. If not eventually someone will have to start a new cooking thread. Hell might even be me, i currently almost have a full stack of every food, some exceptions, working on it.

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