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  1. So, the e-mail that I just got states that there are 11 tracks now, but I still only have 10 in my folder. Is this just an issue with steam updating so that the tracks download, or will there be another way to go about getting the missing tracks? Since it's been a couple weeks since my last post, the track hasn't downloaded, even though the game has updated since then.
  2. Yea, it's not shown up for me either. The last update when there was a new track, there were some release issues. It may be that the steam version (which is the version I have) hasn't updated just yet to include the updated soundtrack. I check every now and then to see if it's updated. It may just take a little while to update. I'm not sure what else to do about it other than wait it out.
  3. I can confirm that. It was insane how easy it was to catch birds with the basic basket trap -- they would fly right in there without bait, and I made a tidy clean up on morsels and feathers!
  4. So to summon Krampus you just catch and slaughter birds? Hm. I may be safe for a little while, then, since I've caught and kept a crow and a cardinal.....
  5. Yea, I noticed that the Tallbirds were more persistent in the last update! But, it's fairly easy to kite them around and kill them -- stand in one place until they go to attack, run away during their attack and then run back and smack them before they get into the attack animation again. It may take a while depending on your weapon, but you get two meat when you take one out! I didn't notice anything with the ground -- I'll have to listen in for that! OMGOSH THANKYOU! I've been doing that, pretty much.... I keep it in my pocket during the day, but I'll try setting it out in the sun somewhere during the day instead! Ahh~ That explains a lot! It's not a huge difference, in my opinion, but it's noticeable. It looks really good! 1. So far you don't feed them, and they just sort of sit there forever until you pull them out of the cage. 2. I agree! 3. yea, someone just posted a way to hatch the birds, though, so I'm hoping that my third egg will actually hatch! Sidenote: Sadly, you cannot put the rabbits into the cages and keep them as pets.
  6. So. With my third Tallbird egg, I'm attempting to hatch this bad boy... I put it by the fire until it began to sweat, and then I moved it. When I move it away from the fire, it doesn't seem to get cold during the day. Right now I'm carrying it around in my pocket. And sadly, you cannot put the rabbits into the cages and keep them as pets either
  7. So, I was very excited to play the new update! Even though it's only been live for a little while for me, here on the East Coast of the US, I wanted to share some things that I've found out: The Cages: Once you put in a bird (crow or cardinal) you can "harvest" them later -- so it's basically like saving a meal for later! The Map: Oh I was SO happy to see an update to the map! Biomes and roads are now easily discernible from each other! There's also a nice outline around your character's head so that you can tell where they are at a quick glance -- this feature has got to be one of the best things included in this recent update (at least it is to me!) Traps: Obviously, they catch live birds and live rabbits now, I have yet to test whether or not the cages will also hold rabbits for "later use" or as pets. Tallbird Eggs: Soooooo. Hatching yourself some smallbirds is going to be a bit of trial-and-error if you're anything like me. I went and managed to snag myself two eggs for testing. I placed the first egg down by the fire. When it started to get cracks on it, I picked it up and went to examine it in my inventory (it doesn't seem to have any RMB text to it). So, one RMB click and Wilson starts chomping on this semi-hatched egg! "Mmm. Beakey" So, second egg gets put by the fire, but by this point it's dark. The egg sits by the fire all night -- I attempted to pick it up and place it somewhere else after it had started to hatch, but the egg would turn white and start to shiver, so back by the fire it went! When the sun came up, the egg started to turn red and to sweat. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to move the egg or not, so I picked it up to examine it -- but I didn't try using my RMB this time! But rather than trying to set it down somewhere else, I put it back by the fire..... well, that's not the right thing to do either, apparently! I'm off to get another egg to do some more testing! I feel like there were also some changes done to movement and the way the camera works as everything feels and seems a little more smooth-moving to me. My friend confirmed this by stating that she also felt that there was an update in the movement of the characters. Overall it just seems that the animation runs a bit more smoothly. Bee Boxes: I was having an issue before the update where my bee box would no longer let bees out of the box -- probably because Hounds or my nearby traps had killed them all. But the apiary was still producing honey (albeit at a very slow pace). With the update came new bees to my apiary, and an increase in honey production! At least there was a noticeable difference to me with my singular apiary. I was just happy that the bees came back! Other important things of note: the Pause button next to the map button. Functions the same as if you hit the esc. key. Pulls up the menu and pauses the game. I assume that pulling up the map also still acts as an effective pause for the game as well. Upon pulling up the menu there is the new "save & quit" feature! I was very excited to try this out, as the ability to save and quit at any point in the day is a big deal. I did, however, notice that there was a thread stating that someone had found a bug where using the save & quit feature removed all their xp and research points. However, as I think the only way to see your XP budget at present is to die (I don't know if you can see it when using a tent to change characters), so I have no way of double-checking that. However after using the Save & Quit feature a couple of times I can safely say that my research points are still hanging around. I'm using the steam build, so I cannot vouch for those using the Chrome version of the game. So that's what I've found out so far -- some of these things could be wrong, but this is just my experience so far. I, thankfully, have not gotten assaulted by the thief who breaks chests and the like (who is that guy, Krampus?).
  8. I've also found that Butter Muffins pack a really good punch for healing health and hunger -- and they only require butterfly wings and carrots! Two butterfly wings, and two carrots in a crock pot and you're pretty much set! Butterfly wings are really easy to get -- I planted a lot of flowers around my bee box, and if you set a basket trap right over the flowers you're sure to catch a ton of butterflies every day! If you've got some turbo gardens, carrots pop up fairly often, but you've got the added bonus of being able to find them growing in the wild while you're exploring. This can be useful if you're not able to make honey ham right away!
  9. I came across Don't Starve when NorthernLion did a Let's Look at it. Though, I was really amused to see that the Yogscast started doing an LP for it -- I do anticipate a pretty big wave of people since the Yogscast guys are pretty popular. While that does mean more new players, it also means more purchases of the game! Which is always a good thing in the long run, right? I've not seen the Totalbiscuit play, but I have watched a few other LPs for Don't Starve -- AlpacaPatrol did one, but I found myself screaming at the computer wishing he would do other things. Also my friend and I were waiting for him to burn his camp down. >:3
  10. I use the regular traps over and around flower patches to catch butterflies to get butterfly wings to make Butter Muffins. I used the bug net to catch about ten butterflies to MAKE that flower patch (if you catch live butterflies with the bug net, you can "plant" them to make flowers wherever you want!). I noticed that I tend to grow carrots quite often, so butter muffins a plenty! But, I was checking my trap today and I got some butter! I was really surprised as I didn't even know that you COULD get that item. I'm very curious to know what to make with it. Perhaps I'll wait until I get a few more pats of butter before trying it out. I wonder what would you would get if you put four pats of butter in the crock pot -- THE PAULA DEEN SPECIAL
  11. The only way that I've found to remove all the unlocked data on the STEAM version is to disable the steam cloud for Don't Starve, uninstall it, and delete ALL the folders for the game in your steam folder. Then, re-install it with Steam, and everything should be zero'd out. This does remove EVERYTHING as a clean install of the game, so you wouldn't still have all of your legitimate unlocks either. :/ As far as I know that's the only kind of "reset" you can do.
  12. I keep a plethora of things around my base to keep me occupied at night! Saplings, and Grass tufts (I have 30 of each, no more!), ten berry bushes, four turbo farms, and three crock pots! I find that I tend to get two grass harvests per sapling harvest, so I've got some extra storage chests for the surplus -- in case of emergencies! I try not to cut down trees anywhere near dusk or night time in case Optimus Pine shows his piney face. There's a nice Spider Nest not too far from my camp as well, so laying down some monster meat as bait ensures that I can get some semi-risk free spider silk during the night!
  13. I recently had two pop up on me at the same time. Lucky for me they were both appeased by 4 pinecones. After that, I just set campfires down next to them -- as close as I could get them. Using the campfire to burn them means they don't pop back up to attack you! So long as you don't get caught in the fire (as anyone but Willow, you'll take damage), you should be perfectly fine! Eventually they'll keel over. You'll most likely lose the log they drop, but the meat remains (tree meat. delicious). The meat you can set aside and sue for your Effigies!
  14. Every time I hear the hounds, I prep monster meat as bait somewhere a little ways off to the side of my base. This serves as a decent distraction for the hounds. I have some fire pits at the top and bottom of the main portion of my base as well, so should a Hell Hound come running my way, I can drop some meat in a place where he's least likely to do damage to my stuff! With the tentacle spike it's fairly easy to take them out. I'll be sad when the last of my helmets goes away. I'm going to have to hang out by the pig villiages to get some more pig skins! I at least have some back-up wooden armor.
  15. My base has a fairly ideal location in comparison to my surroundings: The layout may not be the best, but it has worked well for me so far... I like having plenty of storage space, so that's why I've got a lot of chests handy. The chests over by the crock pots hold ingredients, while the ten that are lined up hold surplus supplies and extra log suits. I've found that Butter Muffins heal a significant amount of both health and hunger, so I've been making those quite often (that would be why there's a trap by the flowers, so I can catch butterflies fairly often!). Carrots grow often enough that I can keep all three crock pots holding Butter Muffins for when they're needed! Since I've only unlocked Willow so far, I may end my run fairly Soon so that I can unlock Wendy and Wolfgang. I think I'll keep the island, though. It's quite nice