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Hey, I don't know exactly where to post this, so go ahead and move it if you feel the need :)

I come from a forum that is always updating and improving, even though they seem to be near the "end" of their development stages of their forum. I find this to be a great thing! There are always people coming up with new ideas for the forum, some accepted, some wouldn't work if implemented, but they are all at least considered. With this new recent change in the Forum, with rules posted and the fact that Off-Topic posts do not count, I feel like this is a perfect time to start a thread where the users can give feedback or ideas!

So, here's a thread for people to put their suggestions for the Forum of Klei Entertainment. I could update the original post with the people's ideas or we can just keep it as an open discussion. But, first, I'd like to just start off my list of suggestions for this forum :)

-Forum Suggestions section. This is where people post their ideas for mods and admins to read and take into account. The community can then feel like not only are they apart of a whole, but a part of the forum itself, and they feel like they have contributed to improving the site, even if their idea gets rejected.

-Reputation System. Whether it be Points that count the # of down votes and up votes for a member, or if it's a # that counts the total up votes, and when a down vote is voted on the user, it takes away from that number. The # could go negative, or just stop at 0 and the user cannot be voted down any more.

Those are the first two that come to my mind. :D If you have any more suggestions, go ahead and post! What are your ideas for improving this forum?

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I don't think there are enough suggestions to have a whole subforum just for it. Not only that, but I would discourage having one so we don't get a sudden rush of suggestions that we can live without, for now. I jokingly suggested that we should have Don't Starve themed emoticons, and the devs wisely asked me what I preferred, forums emoticons or more game assets. I think that one answers itself.

When I needed something, like the "strike through" option when editing posts, I researched how to add them to vBulletin and PM the code to the devs asking if they could add it, so they wouldn't lose any "developing time" adding that to the forum.

They later added the spoiler tag, and a couple of weeks later they fixed the current emoticons.

I like the attention the forum currently gets, and would prefer they don't spend anymore time with it than it's needed, when they can be adding new cool stuff to the game instead or reading game suggestions.

But that's just me :)

PS: You can know how much forum reputation you have on your profile, but I don't know if you can see others reputations. Anyway, its useless for now.

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Why can't we give out rep point in the suggestions subforum, oh beloved devs?

I want... no, I NEED to give good rep to this fine chap for using the search function before creating a new topic.

Agreed, in fact if we could give rep on these sub forums I could even give Excess rep for suggesting it! But then I wouldn't need to. So...

Your move, mod team.

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Agreed, in fact if we could give rep on these sub forums I could even give Excess rep for suggesting it! But then I wouldn't need to. So...

That sir, is very classy and worthy of rep. Why then is it all I can do is "Report Post"? Well I'll just add you and Excess as friends instead.

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