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Google Chrome cloud save

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So i bought the game today and played around with it a little on a different computer , log onto my desktop log into Google chrome and load up Dont starve and it seems as though i have to start all over. Not to big of a deal because i didnt do much in my other game but it seems like some how the game save files should be put into my Google account not onto the computer im playing. This was one of the main reasons i thought Google chrome would have been a great idea. Am i just doing something wrong? Also it seems as if i clear my browsing history with everything checked on my computer it deletes my save files for that game ? that seems a little stupid, and also another good reason the saves should go to the Google account. If this isnt already in the game have they stated if it will later be put in? seems like a simple thing to do,although i truly have no clue what im talking about here lol. Any help and advice would be appreciated thanks.

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The saves are all local to that specific computer. If you play on steam you can put the files on a portable drive or USB and play it anywhere but if you play on Chrome there is no way we know of to get your save file.Edit: Clearing your cache will delete all of your save progress.

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I also play from Chrome portable and found the save games here under randomly generated file names. You find the last two that were changed when you save and quit and those are your saves.E:\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortable\Data\profile\Default\File System\000\p\00At least with Chrome 'portable' your saves travel with you.

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Chrome is an odd platform and the developers are still learning to deal with it. I agree that it would make sense for the player profile and saved games files to get saved in the Google account for portability since that is part of the point of Chrome.Do as the others have mentioned to located and backup your saves or try Chrome portable. (not familiar with it yet)And make sure to *not* delete the game's cookies or it loses track of everything.As a side note, at least you can create additional "users" for a google account and maintain seperate saved games for family members.EDIT:You can do that with Steam as well if you disable cloud saves so the game saves are stored under the Windows profile in the documents folder....assuming each family member has a seperate windows login. :D

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