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  1. I am too lazy :D

  2. So today?Imminent?

    Huuum tacos are delicious!
  3. So today?Imminent?

    @DrNocturnal I guess you like one punch man. I stopped to read it a while!
  4. So today?Imminent?

    Tem um brasileiro aqui, nem esperava!
  5. So today?Imminent?

    I'm from Brazil! Anyone here talks in portuguese?
  6. Mushroom system

    Haha yeah,I said that because here https://dont-starve-food.googlecode.com/git/html/index.htm The mushrooms are called vegetable,thanks for the correction!
  7. Mushroom system

    Mushrooms are vegetable, I put all in my crockpot to make ratatouille!
  8. I think it's a image and we have to put all pieces together
  9. Faces... FACES!!!

    lol,nice faces.
  10. http://www.dontstarvegame.com/image-tags/concept-artconcept art another page