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The Snow Bird


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So I was wondering, what do you guys think will be the perks of the snow bird?

So far the redbird and crow have a few purposes: drop feathers and to leave morsel meat oh and I can't forget about the birdcage usage for seeds. So I'm wondering if the Snow Bird will have any cool perks such as new weapon crafts (ice darts?) from the feather it drops? Or possibly generate more rare seeds if you put one in the bird cage (or possibly just more seeds or a rare chance of more seeds)? What if they are harder to catch in bird traps that would effect my previous point regarding bird cages? Would they die if you caught them when the snow ends? Store them in the refrigerate to preserve them until the next winter? Could they improve the effectiveness of lets say other weapons such as the sleeping darts? Maybe can use them to create a winter backpack that applies a bit of warmth?

So many things to think about, what do you guys think the Snow Bird Perks will be? After rereading my post, I just realized how excited I am for the update lol :)


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