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  1. I need exact resolution cheerio :), that's just easier. Just allow me to change the resolution with the predefined resolution drop down in windowed mode. Plus it's hard to eyeball 1600x900. (Better yet, add fullscreen borderless mode)
  2. To reproduce: 1. Select dupe to move 2. Select move tool and move it on the screen without clicking anywhere. 3. Right click on the screen 4. Watch the move tool icon stay on the screen Temp solution: Tell dupe to move and it'll go away.
  3. When you want to change the windowed resolution (since no borderless exists ;D), it's not possible unless you set it during the fullscreen option then set it back to windowed.
  4. they've jumped back and forth before the water started breaking the ore wall.
  5. After checking, it's telling me that priority 9 tile is unreachable, but it's very reachable?
  6. Set priority to 9 and dupe just ignored what it needed to do: Brutal, just realized the two on the other side suffocated.
  7. I alt-tabbed a few times when google chrome was behind the game and it lost the cursor completely. (ps: can we get borderless fullscreen?) More info: I have a 3 monitor setup, resolution 1920x1080. The main monitor is a 144hz monitor while the other 2 are 60hz. OS: windows 10 home edition
  8. Basically I had a few tile plans setup and I wanted to change those tile plans to Gas Permeable tiles instead by just overriding them without needing to clear them first. Looks like I can't do that atm.
  9. So I was trying to start a dig on a new playthrough and I messed up my ladder when I placed them on top of the dig point. So i selected the cancel tool and tied to clear just the misplaced stairs, but the dig point behind the stairs also got cleared. What I think is happening is when you place a build plan, if there is a dig point behind it it's getting replaced by the build plan (since building will clear that section out anyways) so when you clear said build plan even though there was a dig point behind it originally the dig point actually isn't there anymore? What should happen is if that's how it's working it should retoggle the dig sprite after clearing a misplaced build plan. Edit: After testing my theory above, I used the clear tool while only having the building ticked for clearing and i selected the complete dig area with my ladders and the ladders did get removed and the original dig point is definitely gone.
  10. I can also confirm pump not properly being in gas here: That complete hallway is surrounded by hydrogen
  11. So I was testing to see what happens when your colony is on its own after a failed run. Room started filling with carbon dioxide, all the negative effects triggered normally (destruction, vomiting, etc...). One dupe just got stuck at the top of a ladder trying to get good. All dupes that died, died from starvation and not suffocation. Edit: Here's an image of one of my dupes You'll notice that they are in unbreathable/slightly toxic (for at least 10+ minutes real time), but the breath is at 100%) and calories are plummeting extremely fast.
  12. Would love a more balanced poll: 1 I Love her 2 She's Alright 3 Indifferent 4 I'm not really a fan 5 She sucks Because I'm indifferent.
  13. One of the devs (JoeW) said the dlc will include only 2 dlc characters, so winnie is scrapped unless they do another dlc release.
  14. Timezones don't matter here, comes out when it's ready. Klei's probably sleep at the moment.
  15. Comes out when klei's ready to push it out. Some times they delay, from experience in the past it could come out later in the day or tomorrow if anything comes up (or breaks). So we're going to just have to wait.
  16. The update isn't out yet, today is the day for the update to patch. Just have to wait for klei to push it to steam.
  17. That helmet makes her a beast. Doesn't take much damage from anything without armor on, maybe that's why she can only eat meat?
  18. Why harvest? Only harvest when you need them? :/ 20-30 cheap plot farms
  19. To be honest, find mandrake as soon as possible and get a panflute before day 20 (on your journey pick up every piece to the world generator because refinding them is extremely difficult -> that way if you don't find mandrake I don't think that world is worth the time/effort lol). Farm red birds with boomerang (not bird traps), seems like there's a higher chance to get red feathers. From here just make sure you have some swamps at your disposal and gather enough reed to make 10 fire darts. Try saving every tooth you find and make all those into blow darts and you should be set to fight deer clops when he comes. Personally i camp by the beefalo and force aggro on them. by that time you should have a ton of beefalo that has mated and when he falls -> so much meat. Then expect ice hounds to come before/during/after that.I love winter, now it's just hoping I don't screw up getting to it.
  20. So apparently after the deerclop dies/falls he owns everything around him lol:
  21. I disagree, I had 15+ farm plots going by day 6. Taking spider nests down during evening is also the easiest way to approach it since no spiders are home.
  22. Just curious if people prefer these two characters over everyone else (w/ the exception of Wes who is considered the end game character for the ultimate difficulty) and why?