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Creating a translation using the PO Format


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I have a problem. I Created my .po file (italian.po) and i followed all steps (see the image attached).

I enable the mod in the game, but the game still in English.. Why?

And how can I give the compatibility of all 3 version of the game (DS, RoG and SW)?


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I have some issues with the accents and the "ç". The game doesn't read them properly so that they aren't shown. 

Could anybody help me with this, please?

On 12/9/2013 at 9:46 AM, Nohemi said:

Terminé de realizar una traducción al español pero ahora tengo un problema. Seguí exactamente los pasos que se indican en este tutorial pero al terminar el mod, y habilitarlo en la sección de mods del juego, mi traducción simplemente no carga. Traté con otros archivos como el example_french.po y el french.po y funcionaron bien. Sin embargo, con mi archivo spanish. po no funcionó. ¿Alguien tiene una solución? ¿Qué estaré haciendo mal? ¿Por qué otras traducciones funcionan mi traducción no? Incluso intenté nombrando a mi archivo example_french.po y sustituirlo por el que actualmente se llama así en el paquete de samplelanguage pero tampoco funcionó.

Qué pasó al final?? Y con el tema de las tildes y la ñ? Por favor ayuda

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On 2/26/2013 at 2:59 AM, Bigfoot said:

In order to have a more structured way to create translations, we've implemented the standard method of translations that many applications and websites use: the PO format. This should make translations far easier to create and maintain.

To translate Don't Starve

  1. Download POEdit: http://poedit.net
  2. Open dont_starve/data/scripts/languages/strings.pot (the PO Template file) inside POEdit.
  3. Use the program to translate the game, and save it as [language].po. For example, you  save it as "italian.po"
  4. Create a new mod for your language, starting from this language template mod.
  5. Copy your .po file to your new mod.
  6. Edit modmain.lua to point at the name of your file and language code, like this:

That's it! You can also edit modinfo.lua to give your language pack a friendly name and description in the Mods menu in-game.

To update your translation after a Don't Starve update
Every update, we will update the template file to include all the new strings we've added. To edit your translation:

  1. Open your po file in POEdit.
  2. Click Catalog->Update from POT file... and select dont_starve/data/scripts/languages/strings.pot
  3. Translate the untranslated text, and save.
Do we support non-ASCII fonts?
At the moment, we do not support non-ASCII fonts. 

@Bigfoot I'm superconfused rn with the "correct" file I should use to translate Hamlet..

Sometime ago we used to take the file in the latest dlc folder before C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\DLC0003\scripts\languages/strings.pot 

 can u pls clarify which one is the correct one??

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